WARMER MIXTAPES #325 | by Austin Cesear of Chocobo and Range Rover

1. Kyle Hall | Kaychunk
This was my favorite single last year off one of my favorite labels, Hyperdub. My favorite part about this song though is that he's the same age as me. It's very inspiring.

2. Actress | Lost
Definitely one of my favorite albums from last year. I'll have it on repeat in my car for days. I love listening to this song while cruising around the city at night. The vocal samples are just so sick.

3. Shed | 44A (Hardwax Forever!)
I like to listen to this song whenever it's a cloudy day. The album is a perfect driving album, which is probably why it's called The Traveller. I love how you really can't classify Shed into one genre though. His tracks are all over the place.

4. Oneohtrix Point Never | Format & Journey North
This is just the best song ever.

5. Lone | Aquamarine
Perfect sunny day jam for when I'm driving by the beach. It reminds me of when I first started making electronic music, only this is a lot better.

6. James Blake | Lindesfarne I
...& II... My new favorite singalong album. This guy does no wrong.

7. Shackleton | Negative Thoughts
This guy's been around for a while but I'm only just now really getting into him. I love how dark his music and all the sounds he uses. It's really good when you're driving during a foggy night.

8. Teebs | Wind Loop
I'm just always in the mood to listen to this. It's especially good on rainy days though because it's so dreamy and hazy. I love all the artwork he does. It goes really well with his music.

9. Matthew Dear | Gem
I love this guy's voice. It's so low and it kind of sounds different on each song. I also really like his other stuff as Audion.

10. Wareika | Harmonie Park
This song is a jam. An hour long of pure improvisation. I just love how it's so jazzy but there's this constant techno beat. It's a perfect combination.