WARMER MIXTAPES #327 | by M and K of affair

SIDE A | by K

10 songs I have chosen.
Chosen because if I didn't play these in one given month it wouldn't be a month.
I fear however that when they are posted to the blog I will realise I have forgotten some others that are also priceless.
To those songs I am sorry.

1. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Souvenir
When I first heard this song I thought it was an apology but now I know it's just someone telling us they've had to struggle too. The haunting lamenting intro and then suddenly the happy hopeful synth riff confuses my emotions... It's happy sad music to expressing life's highs and lows. He sets his goals in life, takes the path and then obstacles forces him to change or reconsider. You can't control all of life itself... You have to just take from it what you can.

2. The Mobiles | Drowning In Berlin
When you dream of places sometimes it's not all rosy it can be weird and uncomfortable. I love the lyric Sind sie allein in Berlin?... It makes you feel really uncomfortable. The lyrics repeat a lot but they express the reality of the nightmare which became the Berlin wall. There's a strange and random fairground circus middle eight, it sparks a memory of those horrendous house of horrors rides that you go on as a child. I think of dark streets at night, misty air and people wearing trilbies and macs, smoking cigarettes in alley ways and leaning out at you when you pass. When this song was written the Berlin wall still stood, dividing a city, dividing people, you get the feeling of the city's tragedy from this song through the singer's own personal frustration.

3. Cocteau Twins | Iceblink Luck
Soaring into the air exquisite... I love that you can only just make out certain words that Elizabeth Fraser sings... Ethereal, weird, hopeful. Sound that has no ego it's just pure innocent beauty. All the best moments of your life wrapped up in one song. If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience. -John Cage

4. Telepathe | Can't Stand It
Uncomfortable silence, sweaty palms, rapid eye movement, palpitating heart beat, anxious to say something that will connect, pressure. Sometimes certain relationships are doomed to fail.

5. The Tough Alliance | 1981 -
I feel like I'm floating when I listen to this even though it has tropical references in the music... I always think of the gorgeous beautiful skies above the lost valley in Scotland. Some things are hard to grasp but this song allows you to just be submerged... Just exist.

6. Quad Throw Salchow | Unwelcome Guest
A gorgeous piece of paranoia. A song for a loner in a big city. Nasty guitar distorted driving repetitive bass riff that's really infectious when the vocals come in its so creepy spending time with you... Well, you probably wouldn't want to... Although I do. I really do want to meet the mysterious figure in the corner of the room. This is one I play when I'm traveling in London alone. I get a mixed feeling of paranoia but the music drives me on... Gets me to my destination. I think of the Titanic when I hear the line guiding through the thin ice sheet made of steal and of steal works, or even Battersea power station along the river Thames, a dark industrial city scape.

7. Phone Tag | Taking In The Sun
This became my autumn pick me up. When the clouds don't seem to break and there's a lot of dampness in the air and it get in your bones. This is some light I let it come in.

8. Caribou | Odessa
I couldn't stop myself dancing when I first heard this. It has that 90s dance trance sound really hypnotic and warm. The song title Odessa I thought referred to the city in the Ukraine as I listened to the mystic Middle Eastern sounds. But then one day I stepped back from the song and started listening to the lyrics which tells the story of a woman's suffering of abuse and escape from a life of domestic violence... It's severely dark . In the chorus she can finally voices an opinion she can say she can say... I then discovered that Odessa is also a town in Texas which maybe this woman is fleeing from. I always thought that the initial shrill cooing sound sounded like an exotic trapped bird, the woman finally finds her freedom.

9. David Lynch | Ghost Of Love
I feel hynotised transported into the Bang Bang Bar and Mr. Lynch is sitting down, cigarette in hand, singing this song. It's haunting and tragic and unfathomable. Warbbled distorted androgynous vocals at their best. He must have wanted to be a cross between Muddy Waters and Nina Simone after smoking a pack of 40 fags.

10. Beach House | Norway
Endless air, endless skies, mists that surround you and envelope you in their mystery. Somewhere you want to go but maybe now is out of reach. It has such a driving yet pure and peaceful sound. Androgynous vocals gliding through the ether, gorgeous.

SIDE B | by M

These are 10 tracks I’m listening to right now…
It’s what I’d give you to listen to on tape.
If you had a player and I had a recorder.
And a tape.

1. Salem | King Night
There has always been something creepy and vulnerable to this tune... Salem bring that feeling out and it feels like redemption. Heraldic and self destructive. I love every second of it. It’s like all my haunting childhood choirboy memories can be finally put to rest. Forever.

2. Young Galaxy | Cover Your Tracks
The opening rhythm in the intro of track is so good… I keep rewinding it just to listen to that intro again and again. Lovely Calypso vibes combined with some of the finest Swedish craftsmanship. It reminds me of Pass This On (The Knife) but hats off to anyone that can come up with anything so good.

3. Pearl Fiction | Ruby Fever
I wouldn’t stop listening to this when I found it, I bought it on iTunes while walking one morning. I was obsessed with it for 2 days, I would listen to it on repeat. It came out with a video that was takes from Zed And Two Naughts, a twisted masterpiece of a film.

4. ceo | Oh God Oh Dear
I love TTA’s melodies and had been looking forward to any new stuff by them so when White Magic came out - it was a real treat. This song is a burst of optimism in only 2 lines. And it’s hardly a song but I’ve been playing it non-stop because of this recurring melody that keeps haunting me.

5. Vondelpark | Hippodrome
Sinister, hypnotic and repetitive, the good kind of repetitive. All with a simplicity that keeps you mesmerised.

6. oOoOO | seaww
I’ve been listening to this a lot. I think you should too.

7. The Knife | A Lung
A classic. When the two different vocals intertwine at the end I get shivers. Has to be in the mixtape.

8. Cocteau Twins | Heaven Or Las Vegas
The sheer character in this woman’s vocals captivates you and her voice stays in the back of your head for days but the music is of course just as strong... This takes me to a different place every time I listen to it.

9. MGMT | Siberian Breaks
The textures in this song are so rich and intriguing, and the structure keeps on changing making you follow it through all the different emotions and stories, there’s I think about 7 different parts to it, every single one is incredible. And the lyrics break my heart.

10. The Radio Dept. | It’s Personal
I only got hold of this album recently, it was hard to pick a track but there’s something about this track particularly like. It sounds like a fresh take on Mogwai’s Sine Wave, one of my most favourite instrumental tracks of all time. So there, 14 tracks in one answer.