WARMER MIXTAPES #342 | by Filip Velemir Nikolic [Turbotito]/(Guns 'n' Bombs, The Hammers, Djosos Krost, Ludo X, Ima Robot) and Jeffrey Paradise (Paradise Boys/The Calculators) of Poolside

SIDE A | by Jeffrey Paradise

1. The 5th Dimension | Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)
This was my very first favorite song in my life, my parents had a pretty large record collection dating from the late 60's to early 80s, I loved music and listened to nearly ever record in their collection, my mom had a strong taste for disco and I really gravitated towards the more funk, soul disco records in the collection. I probably listened to this song 5000 times before I was even 5 years old.

2. Joy Division | Transmission
When I was in high school I was looking for a sound that fit how I was feeling, I had been through a social pop punk faze and then into hardcore, scream, straight edge stuff… But then I wasn't so angry anymore, I wanted something that fit my feeling of disenchantment but that was more melancholy, not just angry… My pal Darren introduced me to Joy Division and this song really stood out and I really connected to this song as it is somehow uplifting to me, but also very disenchanted.

3. The Velvet Underground | I'll Be Your Mirror
Similarly to Joy Division, The Velvet Underground really spoke to me, it is so clearly outsider music… By outsiders for outsiders if you will. This song in particular I felt was very sweet and fragile… Different than a lot of other songs, and I really liked it because it stood in contrast. Nico's voice and the sparse dry production. Really nice.

4. Adonis | No Way Back (Vocal)
I got a job at Open Mind Music, record store in San Francisco, I got hired on as the indie buyer, and at the time I basically hated 4 on the floor dance music. The shop primarily catered to DJs and had a huge dance 12" section, at the time San Francisco house liked Naked Music was HUGE and lots of djs came in and bought it, I listed to a few of the records to just see what all these djs were buying and I was honestly in disbelief… Like light jazz, elevator music with a dance beat… It was horrible… So I asked some of the djs that worked at the store who I knew liked really good funk and soul about house music (specifically John John Friend and Kevin Koga) and they took me to a Dj night called Tabu, where David Harness spun gospel house and early Chicago records… I was in a super bad mood because I had just broken up with a long term lover, and when this song came on the crowd went wild, I was caught up in the moment and got happy had was really engaged with the music, it sounded like punk rock but with like joy and dancey etc. It was an amazing moment.

5. Instant Funk | I Got My Mind Made Up
This was the first disco song that turned me on to disco in a real way, I always liked the dancey disco beats in new wave, but I only knew mainstream disco hit from Saturday Night Fever and such, I heard this song out at a hip hop club and I was like what is this?, I loved the percussion and long long long breakdowns… I have been hooked ever since.

6. Thelonius Monk | Well You Needn't
Just perfect sparse, melodic jazz with an understated groove, so so so good. I used to listen to this record in my dorm room over and over again. It fit my mood very well. Foggy San Francisco, young confusing love, couldn't get enough of it.

7. Pink Floyd | Astronomy Domine
I love the whole The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn album, this song in particular captures an Art Rock, Psychedelic groove that I have always loved.

8. Mr. Flagio | Take A Chance
I first heard this track on IF's Mixed Up In The Hague mix CD, it had so much cool italo disco that I had never heard before, this track stood out to me because it was so simple and stripped down, nothing extra in this song, like impossible to do a remix of it. And it still has a pop element to it that makes it very accessible to non-italo music lovers. So yes, I really love it.

9. Liquid Liquid | Scraper
To me this is a very perfect post-punk dance track, quite moody, and it's like lurking around and the music wants to say something, but it just has a lot of tension and groove… Really love this song.

10. The Aztec Mystic | Knights Of The Jaguar
To me this is the perfect techno song, a bit of jazzy drums, and great space in the song, lots of interesting rhythms, hard to really put into words, every time the drums drop out and then come back it's just like fuck yes!... Such a great piece of electronic music.

SIDE B | by Filip Velemir Nikolic

Here's my list, a lot of very obvious classics but that was just what
I've been into the last few days...

1. Eric Burdon & War | Tobacco Road
It's weird compiling these favorite songs lists, cause they always change depending on the day you write it. Mood weather, location etc. always bring out different songs. But no matter which circumstances, this song is probably always gonna pop up as my favorite song. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and listen to the whole song. War is one of the best bands in the world and with Eric Burdon adding his amazing voice and storytelling skills it becomes perfection.

2. Johnny Cash | The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Peggy Seeger Cover)
I've always loved this song and there are countless of great versions out there. I especially like Marcia Griffith's version and Roberta Flack also nailed it when she first made the song a hit. But when Johnny Cash covered it, everything changed. I can't listen to his version without getting tears in my eyes. It's so incredibly beautiful and makes me really happy to be a human being ha ha... No for reals! That whole album is BONKERS!

3. Nina Hagen | African Reggae
This is the first Reggae song I ever heard ha ha! When I was a kid I had no idea what this was I just loved listening to this and imagining going to Africa. I still really love this track, the production is awesome. I don't completely understand the lyrics, but I think she's talking shit about white reggae stoners, listening to Bob Marley, idolizing Jamaica and their weed while the reality is that they castrate women over there... Woah!

4. Lou Reed | Street Hassle
To me this is one of Lou Reed's most underrated songs. I can listen to it forever and when Baker Skateboards used it for the theme song of their latest skate video the deal was sealed.

5. Bill Withers | Lovely Day
It was sunny yesterday and I listened to this 5 times in a row while driving with all the windows open... Damn son! I wanted to take the biggest detour so I could make it last longer. I'II hope that one day Poolside will make make a song that can make people feel as good as I feel when driving around to Lovely Day.

6. Jimi Hendrix Experience | Castles Made Of Sand
When I was a kid I thought this song was about me even though I didn't understand what he was singing about. I just kinda caught the part about a little brave indian ha ha. I was just about to write that Jimi Hendrix is underestimated which would be a ridiculous thing to say, but actually I just think it's a bit of a shame that he's mostly known for his noisy stuff cause his slow jams are fucking ACE! Jimi for life!

7. Chosen Few | Stoned In Love
Just a good example that you don't have to have big deep lyrics to trigger people's emotions. The original version of this song is sweet and naive, but Chosen Few take it to a whole other level of sweetness in this version. Sooooooo good!

8. Talking Heads | This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
I grew up with my dad drinking tons of redwine and blasting Talking Heads and other incredible music on his expensive big hifi systems. Twice I saw his speakers catch fire (literarily). I still listen to all the music he listens to, but I never became a big fan of playing it so ridiculously loud ha ha...

9. Michael Bundt | La Chasse Aux Microbes
I'm listening to this song right now while writing this. Nothing better than synths that are slightly out of tune, which makes me think of my favorite D.A.F. song (I guess I have to add that one to the list). Anyways, I can totally see Poolside start a Sun dawn dj set with this...

10. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft ‎ | Der Mussolini
Best dance song ever, in every way possible! When the main synth loses the pitch here and there you can feel it in you brain, bzzzzzzzoink! The lyrics/vocals are incredible!!!