WARMER MIXTAPES #349 | by Raechel Velouria [Omebi] of Telepathik Friend and OS OVNI

1. David Lynch | In Heaven
I first heard this eerie melody 10 years ago watching the movie Eraserhead. The world seemed to halt to a complete stop in those very few moments of cinematic beauty and my heart was changed forever. I didn't know at the time that Lynch wrote the song and this was before you could find any song on the internet, so the tune truly only existed in my head for quite sometime. A few years later I was introduced to Industrial Symphony - a complete visual/musical album by Julee Cruise, David Lynch, and Angelo Badalamenti which brought back the same feelings as In Heaven. I was highly influenced which in turn was the start of my own eerie melodies and Omebi came to play.

2. Björk | Hyperballad
As a teenage girl Björk was my absolute favorite. Living in a broken home this song made me feel safe, as for me the song suggests that playing with your imagination will keep you safe, even if it's a little scary like throwing things a cliff and imagining your body slamming against those rocks.

3. Kevin Ayers | Whatever She Brings We Sing
I have many memories of lonely late summer nights with a bottle of wine and a Kevin Ayers record keeping me company. This song is perfect for the lonely melon collie romantic (although many of his songs are).

4. Slowdive | Country Rain
This song is so beautiful... I was once heartbroken and this song was my soundtrack for those strange times...

5. Like A Tim & Gina V. D'orio | Dance With Me
Drinking wine with my two best friends in the park... Cool summer night... Listening to the boom box and by the time this song started it was time for some heavy dancin under the stars...

6. Kate Bush | Suspended In Gaffa
My dad used to own a record store and for some intuitive reason I grabbed ALL of the Kate Bush records. It took a minute for her to grow on me, but once she did there was no turning back. I really love all of her songs, but if I had to pick my favorite it would have to be this little schizoid tune of hers. I love her honesty.

7. Laurie Anderson | Sharky's Day
Laurie Anderson is a word playing video making genius. I first fell in love with the whole album Big Science, but Sharky's Day is my most recent favorite of hers.

8. The Space Lady | Synthesize Me
There are a few who know of the Space Lady. In the 70's she was living in poverty with her husband and daughter in Boston playing her Casio thru a phase shifter and echoed-out vocals producing sweet spacey synth tunes on the streets for money. She eventually made enough money for the family to return to San Francisco where her music became more well known. She has only recorded one album. Synthesize Me is by far one of my biggest influences.

9. Gal Costa | Cultura E Civilização
This song is from Gal's 1969 album titled Gal/Cinema Olympia and was her tropicalia freak out psychedelic masterpiece.The strange odd trippy structure of the songs and her emotional freaked out vocals are so intense and unforgettable. I've been listening for years and still can't stop...

10. Brigitte Bardot | Contact
Another tune that I was highly influenced by. Melodies are spinning catchy subtle rhythms.