WARMER MIXTAPES #352 | by Algirdas Miescionaitis (Saulty) and Mindaugas Lapinskis (Bradka) of Downtown Party Network

SIDE A | by Mindaugas Lapinskis

1. Bibi | Summer (Mandré's Solar Flight - Opus 1 Cover)
Amazing cover of Solar Flight by MandrĂ©! Found it listening the late night music show when I was 16. And I still LOVE it!!! Although the original is also great…

2. Chris Rea | On The Beach
Every time I think about the lying by the Sea, main theme of this song starts to sound in my head…

3. Thomas Dybdahl | Everybody Knows
So clean, bright and deep atmosphere and precious vocals… I have listened it for thousand times in a month. Over and over. And it's just the beginning, I think.

4. Chaz Jankel | Get Myself Together (Diesel X-Press 2 Stripped Back Mix)
The track has everything - harmony between bright and dark, warm and cold. Jazzy acoustic piano and electronic instruments never sounded so good together.

5. Mario Basanov | Skywalker
Young genius from Lithuania, with the strange hobby. To collect his own vinyls... Yes, it's easy for him, cause everybody wants to be remixed by Mario and every label wants his original production. Why do I love Mario music? Because he does it professionally, which is rare in Nu Disco scene.

6. D-Pulse | More
Another wonderful summer track that can't be discarded from the head for two years.

7. Taylor McFerrin | Place In My Heart (feat. Ryat)
Wonderful vocals, spacey arrangement blows my mind to cloudy and windy evening by the Sea. Or early morning...

8. J. Viewz | Oh, Something's Quiet (Ritalin Mix)
This is how popular music should sound like in nowadays… One more track reminding sweet summer, easy living, enjoying margaritas by the pool…

9. Ghost Society | Better Days
Love that space and colour. Oldschool synths + dreamy guitars + shiny vocals with the long reverb lets me trust in better days! I want to open a window and feel the fresh air every time I listen to that song.

10. Jazzanova | Little Bird
One of my favorite bands ever! They always sounds professional, fresh and creative. Little Bird - perfect track to end the day or an imaginary mixtape…

SIDE B | by Algirdas Miescionaitis

1. J. Views | Salty Air
This one got from my colleague Bradka. Couldn't stop listening to it. That was the track this winter that was keeping me alive. The winter was so cold here this year, so you can imagine how this magical song helped me.

2. Washed Out | Feel It All Around
Also a really nice and poppy tune that all may know. Well I'm waiting for the summer.

3. No Logo | Party Animal (Toomy Disco Remix)
Just received this one. Crazy track with a very nice french vocal of Marion Benoist. This would be my favourite in Spring...

4. World Premiere | Share The Night (Breakdown Mix)
When I first heard this track few years ago I was listening to it on repeat for long time, than I said to my self stop doing that, cause I knew that I will want to listen to it after year and a year... Timeless.

5. Rhythm Combo | Cartagenera (Ray Mang Remix)
Personally, one of the best tracks of 2008 for me. Mojito please!

6. White Snake | Is This Love (New Found Land Edit)
An edit my friend did some time ago. Perfect in a Cabrio on the rocky coast...

7. Partners In Crime | Get In To It
I really got in to it. Did you?

8. Pino Donaggio | Body Double (Lovelock Edit)
An edit of Body Double's theme. The original is fantastic and I love they way Lovelock edited it.

9. Georges Vert | Garden Of Lies
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful dreamy trippy track, I so love it.

10. Mr. Scruff | Chicken In A Box
Heard this track 10 years ago and it blew up my mind on the party, then I was looking for it for 2 years, so was very happy when I got it. And it's still one of the most beautiful tracks for me ever.