WARMER MIXTAPES #355 | by Arno Selvini [Redondo Beach]

1. Orange Juice | Falling And Laughing
The ultimate autumn song, listened to it on repeat under the street lights of Birmingham, when I didn't knew where I was or where I was going to.

2. √Čtienne Daho | Tomb√© Pour La France
It was on repeat during my only break-up, or how pain can be beautiful too, definitely a masterpiece of break-up song.

3. Patti Smith | Redondo Beach
Oh so you're actually not from Redondo?... No, it's a Patti Smith song, always thought it was in Argentina or somewhere exotic in South America anyway.

4. Air France | GBG Belong To Us
Those guys are amazing, and really made my summer in 2009 by introducing me to Gothenburg with this song, 2011 belong to them!

5. New Order | Age Of Consent
Another break up song, could have easily put 10 songs by New Order in my list.

6. The Radio Dept. | Freddie And The Trojan Horse
Wait for it, it's at 2:02, the piano is on its own, then the guitar riff come, and then the drum machine, and the other guitar and...

7. Lake Heartbeat | Between Dreams
Didn't stop listening to this song in 2009, so smooth, really looking up to them when searching for the perfect sound.

8. The Embassy | It Never Entered My Mind
Break-Up song. Must love pain somehow.

9. Serge Gainsbourg | Sea, Sex & Sun
Well, that's what Redondo Beach is all about I suppose.

10. Blondie | Heart Of Glass
The Roland CR-78 intro and Debbie's tone really makes it for me, my favourite song ever? I think so. Isn't it a break-up song by the way?