WARMER MIXTAPES #370 | by Robert Osmond [Pennan Brae]

1. John Lennon | Jealous Guy
I just love this tune; the opening piano lick & high melody are awesome. Lyrical content is honest & brilliant. Such an expressive song to sing.

2. The Rolling Stones | Happy
2 minutes of rocket-fueled fun! The song effortlessly falls into place. The lyrics flow & are a blast. One of the best riffs in rock 'n roll.

3. Chuck Berry | Little Marie
The master of double-string guitar & legendary poet. The rhythm of Chuck's words bounce along the beat buoyantly. The best part of the song is how it starts; it sounds like a collapsible chair falling into place; loose & effortless.

4. John Mellencamp | Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
A classic song from Mellencamp's Lonesome Jubilee album which tells a moving story & melodically & harmonically the song is beautiful to listen to.

5. The Beatles | The Ballad Of John & Yoko
A fun song with a cookin' bass line as it lyrically tells an entertaining narrative. The song keeps grooving the whole way through with typical Beatle gorgeous harmonies.

6. Boston | More Than A Feeling
I fell in love with this song at 14; incredible instrumentalists & lead vocalist Brad Delp has some of the sweetest vocals around. A masterpiece of a song & all the better to hear in the heat of summer with the top down.

7. Marvin Gaye | Sexual Healing
Simply put; the best vocals on the planet; sweet like honey & so expressive. Marvin's voice is a virtuoso instrument in itself & there's none like him. & the lyrics of this piece; amazing.

8. Steve Miller | Jet Airliner
Just an awesome tune; California rock 'n roll to me. Great guitar work & riffs & a fun lyrical topic. Awesome summer tune to sing along to.

9. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Have You Ever Seen The Rain
What a gorgeous ballad; a melody you instantly fall in love with along with an evocative topic which people can instantly relate to.

10. BB King | Hummingbird
Wonderful chord structure & beautiful melody line. When the back-up singers come in by the end of the song, it kicks into another gear.

+11. AC/DC | If You Want Blood
The song starts at 100 mph & doesn't let up. Pure AC/DC; it just keeps rocking straight through to the finish line. Bon Scott's vocals tell the story like no one else while Angus takes the lead by the horns & the rhythm section keeps things cooking.