WARMER MIXTAPES #388 | by Michael Rintoul [Beaumont]

1. Arthur Russell | See Through
This song gets me every time. It sends shivers down my back. Hard to believe it's just one guy and a cello. It's so hauntingly beautiful, something which is really difficult to capture. I heard it in autumn after a summer of pure joy - it marked the end of it with an aching nostalgia... Still does.

2. Burial | Shell Of Light
It's like a moment of hope, a turn of optimism, sense of innocence, a clearing in the rain. Feels good to be alive.

3. Michael McGloiry | Love Every Inch Of Me
The pure energy and driving force of that bass line is amazing, it's a real epic disco tune with awesome production. I love the way it builds itself up again with the vocals, you can feel the passion!

4. Kenji Kawai | Nightstalker
I love it when movies and music blend well. In a film so dark as Ghost In The Shell the soundtrack really brings it to life, you can feel the human sounds, even though it's mostly about cyborgs.

5. D'Eon | Transparency
I've got this one on repeat, I love the melodies and the thoughts of eternity in the lyrics. It's got that R&B vibe I love, makes you feel like a top dawg.

6. Mike Mareen | Dancing In The Dark
Awesome italo tune. Forget everything. Feel the power in the synth. Obey the vocoder. Hit the dance floor.

7. Mr. Fingers | Can You Feel It
Walking in the night through Glasgow all lit up. Cold, wet, city grime. Shimmering hi hats, pulsating beats, glowing neon. Embrace the night.

8. William Pitt | City Lights
This track is so chic. I imagine I'm in a film noire or something when I hear it. I'm in a hot city car park, heading down town for the city lights...

9. Shocking Pinks | Dressed To Please (Deepchord Remix)
I heard this at a festival in Barcelona and it really took me like a drug. Intoxicating. Like diving into a mythical bay of crystal clear water, being embraced by mermaids, pure bliss. It's got that pounding like a heartbeat throughout. Music at its finest for me.

10. Holger Czukay | Fragrance
I heard the soundtrack to the film Morvern Callar at an impressionable age, and it's stayed with me in spirit. This song feels like having had a bit too much but still enjoying things.