WARMER MIXTAPES #405 | by Bryan Cox [Soft Lighting] of New Savages

1. Son Lux | Rebuild
The grand finale of the album. I listened to it for the first time while driving down to middle of nowhere Kansas to celebrate the 4th of July. It was the perfect thing to set the mood for watching the sky explode. Plus the cover is a really cool photo of colored smoke balls (coincidence?)...

2. Dead Can Dance | Frontier
DCD was probably the only conscious influence on our s/t album. It was listening to their first album that made me explore drones and ancient Egyptian scales.

3. Wu Lyf | We Bros
Perfect summer time indie rock. I just want to roll down the windows and blare this as loud as possible.

4. CVLTS | Mirror Face
Love the minimalism and atmospheric textures. There are several newer cool bands that seemed to be informed by early Krautrock and dare I say New Age music? Anyway, their sound is certainly informing the songs we are currently writing. Expect the next NS release to be spattered with more electronic washed out soundscape goodness.

5. David Bowie | Moonage Daydream
The second time Jack (the other half of NS) came over to my apt he nonchalantly picked up my acoustic guitar and proceeded to play the Rise and Fall… From start to finish. People say you can trace every song back to the Beatles, but in our writing experience we seem to always find our way back to Bowie; his chord phrasings, his lyrical cut ups and his general alienness.

6. Funkadelic | Funky Dollar Bill
I love everything about this band. I just wanna sit by the pool all day and rock this.

7. James Blake | I Never Learnt To Share
I know he's polarizing but I don't care. I'm in the love it camp. The transition 3/4 of the way though the song gets me every time.

8. Rudimentary Peni | Black President
RP is a long time favorite that carried over from my early punk days. I recently picked up a first press of their s/t EP. Side note: I swear he says Obama at the beginning of Black President.

9. Blackbird Blackbird | Hawaii
I wish this song was ten times as long. It's just what the doctor ordered to chill out on an otherwise steamy summer day.

10. Out Of My Hands | Governer's Noose
I'm recording an EP for my friends band and I can't get this song out of my head. They are really catchy Stoner Rock/Garage. We just got done tracking drums last weekend. I'm excited because I only used 3 mics and it's going to be in mono. God I'm a geek.