WARMER MIXTAPES #407 | by Griffin James [Francis Inferno Orchestra]

1. Greg Cash | Party Chat
I think it's because of how raw this track is, the reason I love it. It has everything needed in a real House cut.

2. Linkwood | One
Such a tough tune, just go listen to it, you'll understand.

3. Carter Bros | Full Disco Jacket
Really decent track from a couple of guys from my native land. I was watching Cassy play in Amsterdam a few weeks back on a Sunday night at Trouw, as I walked into the venue she was playing this song. I just remember seeing about 200 bodies in a collective dance rampage to this song on an amazing sound system. Good shit.

4. Iron Curtis | You, On A Friday Night
New one off the Retreat - Treats Vol. 3 record, something about those building synths that cut right back into a raw House tune with the hi hats just gives me the shivers.

5. Trus'me | Sweet Mother
Just delicious really.

6. Larry Heard | Missing You

7. Trickski | Wilderness (Genius Of Time Remix)
Really feeling this one at the moment, those chords just get me, and I'm really digging the GOT slow but heavy style.

8. Kyle Hall | Down!
So chunky and raw, and the vocal loop is hypnotising.

9. Teebs | Why Like This?
Well why not hey?... Stunning piece from the LA producer, a perfect example of how much talent this guy has.

10. Pepe Braddock | Deep Burnt
Ever since I first heard this I was in love, it's so unbelievably timeless, a ripper even!