WARMER MIXTAPES #409 | by Anna von Hausswolff of Hydras Dream

Here is my masterpiece of mixtape! I worked with it for a week!
I would probably be the worst DJ in the world.
Photo by Anders Nydam.

1. Matti Bye/Mattias Olsson | Empty Chairs
For introduction we have Matti Bye. One of Sweden's most important composers of film scores. Here we can see the forgotten landscapes, and also enjoy abandoned amusement parks. Let the show begin!

2. Dead Man's Bones | Lose Your Soul
I get up in the morning to the beat of the drum. I get up to this feeling, it keeps me on the run!

3. Cocteau Twins | Persephone
Follow the traces of this lyrics and you will end up in beautiful confusion. Let go of the meaning, create your own world and enter the Psycho dream.

4. Klaus Schulze | Freeze
If you don't want to leave your psycho dream listen to this!! This is the soundtrack to a German movie called Angst. The music was made first and then they cut the film after the soundtrack, a quite unique way of working. The mixture of sound and image creates the perfect mood. It's a world of mystery and temptation. Welcome!

5. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore | Zombies Never Die (Blues)
I'll continue here with the German theme. This is a cinematic journey through dreamland. Haunting, strangely transporting, and delicate.

6. Earth | The Dire And Ever Circling Wolves
My all time favorite band. Drone doom. Slow, raw, heavy. Striking right at you. Repetitive structures that seduces you in the dark.

7. Graveyard | No Good, Mr. Holden
Graveyard make Sweden rock!

8. Barn Owl | Sundown
A new era is coming. Reaching out from the dark, back into the light. Barn Owl makes me a better musician. I saw these 2 guys live in Copenhagen 2 months ago. It was not more then 21 people in the audience, but they made one of the best concerts I've ever seen in my entire life. Sundown is fantastic, but live it's otherworldly GREAT.

9. Austra | Beat And The Pulse
New band ! just discovered ! It's time for the repetitive structures in this mixtape to become more uptempo!!

10. New Order | Prime 5 8 6
Meditative dancing. I listened to this night and day when I traveled by car through the snow thick landscapes of Sweden. My limbs were stiff as stone, but this song made me shake!

+11. Earth & Fire | Storm And Thunder