WARMER MIXTAPES #422 | by Scott Farrell and Steve Nicholls of Shake Aletti

SIDE A | by Steve Nicholls

1. The Gap Band | Outstanding
This is maybe the song which first got me into that era and style of music, which has been my biggest influence musically. 
I remember me and a friend Tom, were big into Hip Hop and came across this song in a mix tape by I think DJ Baby J. We were just being blown away. We’d never heard anything like it before and it started something with me!

2. Roger | (Everybody) Get Up 
(feat. EPMD)
I love the version of this with EPMD, but the extended version without them I still think is better. It has slightly different instrumentation which I prefer. Roger Troutman is an utter legend who inspires me. 
I can’t think of any song since which has a groove like this!

3. Dire Straits | So Far Away

People always give me stick for loving Dire Straits, but I don’t care!
 My Dad used to listen to them all the time, and this song along with the whole album (Brothers In Arms) reminds me of car journeys at night as a young child, watching the orange street lamps wiz past the window.

4. B. B. & Q. Band | Imagination 

This song makes me stop whatever I’m doing and listen every time I hear it. It’s such a great song and I love it.

5. Fats Waller | Hold Tight (I Want Some Seafood Mama)
This is the oldest song in my top 10. 
I love the sound of recordings from that time; they almost take you right back there as if you’re in the room drinking two fingers of whiskey. 
My next-door neighbour when I was growing up had the biggest collection of Jazz vinyls I’ve ever seen. 
She always used to play me this song because she knew how much I loved cats!
 If that makes no sense, check out the song!

6. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill

This is another childhood car memory!
 The way this song builds is perfect, and Kate’s vocal is incredible.

7. The Presets | Yippiyo-Ay 

For me The Presets are one of the best bands of our generation. 
I knew about them but only really got into them when Scott played Apocalypso to me in full when we were on tour, and I can’t stop listening to it now.

8. Cameo | Word Up 

When I was about 7, my cousin and me had a cassette tape with loads of random music on. Word up was on there and we listened to it constantly.
 We actually convinced my sister and my other cousin that we made it with this little Casio keyboard we had. We even learned all the words and performed it for them!
 I had no idea about that type of music at the time! Fate I suppose!

9. Wham! | Club Tropicana

Guilty pleasures are only guilty pleasures if you feel guilty about them. I do not!
 80’s Pop is some of the best produced and best written music ever made. I could have put all the tracks Madonna ever made with Jelly Bean Benitez on this list!

10. Krondon | The Rules
As I said earlier, Hip Hop in general but mainly this kind of era was a massive part of my life and brings back memories of summers and skateboarding. I know T Weezy gets what I’m talking about! Nostalgia! This has been a trip down memory lane!

SIDE B | by Scott Farrell

1. Phoenix | Love Like A Sunset
I can’t really think of too many moments exactly this reminds me of but each time I hear it it blows my mind a little more. It’s the kind of song that could make you feel at home anywhere, just an amazing piece of music.

2. LCD Soundsystem | Movement
The first time I saw this band play live in 2006, the crowd just exploded when it finally dropped, possibly one of the best atmospheres at a show I’ve experienced.

3. The Velvet Underground | Venus In Furs
I first heard this when I was pretty young, still can’t get over the constant haunting strings in it.

4. Dntel | (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan
In about 2005 I started making music on Reason in my bedroom with a couple of friends mainly because of this kind of Indie Electronica, before that I was mainly into guitar based bands and music.

5. The Knife | Girls’ Night Out
This will always make me think of winter nights sat on a train going back to university, I would have put the entire album on here if I could.

6. John Frusciante | Murderers
This guy is one of the biggest influences on me as a guitar player, the melody throughout this is amazing.

7. Yello | Oh Yeah
Any boy who says they didn’t want to be Ferris at school is a liar.

8. Soulwax | Another Excuse
I think one of the best nights I’ve ever had was at a Radio Soulwax night in Leeds a few years ago, I can’t think of many bands or DJ’s that can top these guys.

9. Flight Facilities | Foreign Language (feat. Jess)
This is a pretty new track I can’t stop listening to, really amazing song. Everything in this from the vocal to the bass just works perfectly together.

10. The Walkmen | Revenge Wears No Wristwatch
My friend bought this album back from New York when we were younger and this track always stood out to me. I love how this album sounds, very raw and rough, gives it so much character.