WARMER MIXTAPES #424 | by Miguel Steward [Miguel Migs/Petalpusher]

It's very difficult to narrow down my favorite songs since I have so many, and I love and listen to all styles of music and always have, so this is in no particular order... Here are just a few of the many hundreds of my all time favorite songs...

1. Stevie Nicks | Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)
I've always been a huge Classic Rock fan my entire life since mainly that was what I was born and raised on. But a great song, not matter what the genre, always takes me to another place and sparks endless inspiration... I have been a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty since I can remember... This song is one of my favorite tunes ever, with so much depth and soul. I will never forget seeing both of them perform this song live, their voices together are a perfect compliment and the entire song is a piece of perfection for me.

2. Sade | Cherish The Day
Sade has been a favorite and an inspiration to me for many years, her music is timeless and evokes so much raw emotion. It's impossible for me to choose a favorite from her, but this song never fails to give me those goose bumps and that tingle up my spine... The beauty and simplicity of her songs are so delicate and powerful, so deep and effective, and the groove on this song is pure bliss.

3. Bob Marley | Natural Mystic
Obviously his music needs no introduction, description or explanation, and I dont think I have ever met anyone who dislikes his music and what it stands for... There is always a resonating message in the music and it really brings back memories of being a kid, since I used to listen to him literally everyday while growing up cause my parents had all his records... Although he has countless amazing songs, this one really takes me there and the title really sums it up... His voice, melodies and music will remain relevant and moving till the end of time.

4. Steely Dan | Hey Nineteen
I love Steely Dan. Such amazing chord progressions with crazy lyrics, and they tie it all together to create some interesting and well thought out music with class... Aja has always been one of my favorite albums with songs like Deacon Blues, Peg and many others, the musician ship is top of the line and sophisticated. Always gives me inspiration to push myself further musically. Hey Nineteen is Funky, Jazzy, fun, amazingly produced and impossible to deny.

5. Van Morrison | And It Stoned Me
Van Morrison has such a unique and memorable voice so full of texture and heart, and what a song this is... So soulful and classic, his catalog is pretty extensive though alot of his songs do not resonate so much with me, but I have always loved this song.

6. Gang Starr | Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
Guru was always one of my favorite Hip-Hop artists and DJ Premier has always been one of my favorite producers with his Jazz tinged grooves and thumping beats. Together they created so many stellar tracks and this is one of them... I remember doing a festival tour in Australia with them years ago and he told me it was his first time down there. I was a bit star struck cause Enter The Arena was one of my all time favorites. His style and flow had such passion and swagger. R.I.P. Guru! Your music lives on, much love...

7. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Remember
Jimi is the reason I started playing guitar as a kid. I would listen to him on repeat all day long when I was 11, 12, 13, 14 years old and onwards... So many brilliant songs and obviously his guitar playing is beyond legendary... Although this is not one of his most popular cuts, this song has all the right ingredients for me. It reminds me of getting my first Sony walkman, popping in some Hendrix and cruising around with my headphones on jamming to Jimi... If there was one person I wish I could meet and spend a day hangin out with, there is just no one cooler than him.

8. Burning Spear | The Fittest Of The Fittest
Winston Rodney's voice always brings me inspiration... I grew up listening to tons of Reggae and Spear have always been at the top of my list. I have seen them perform in concert so may times through the years and it always takes me to another place... The Fittest Of The Fittest is one of my all time favorite albums I would definitely choose if stranded on a deserted island... I will never forget opening up for them at a concert in Santa Cruz when I was 18... One of my life's highlights, even though my guitar amp blew up on me during the show!

9. Patrice Rushen | Forget Me Nots
What a song... A classic that sounds amazing every time I hear it. So much heart and soul, one of the best melodies ever written and a perfect song all together in my humble opinion. The beats are stellar, the music is gorgeous and Patrice's lush vocals are simply irresistible and heavenly.

10. Led Zeppelin | Ten Years Gone
Jimmy, John and Robert have always been Gods to me... This songs brings me back to my childhood and reminds me of going through my dad's record collection... I grew up listening to tons of Zep and this was one of my favorites. Obviously there are so many flawless Zeppelin songs, and I cannot choose a favorite, but Ten Years Gone really reminds me of day dreaming as a kid, thinking about the possibilities in life and the endless adventures life has to offer... Only Jimmy Page could come up with such a lush and deeply penetrating chord progression, and the guitar solo is so elegant and beautiful. As a kid they were my favorite and this song is one of the many reasons why...

+11. Neil Young | Heart Of Gold
Not much needs to be said about this classic gem. A brilliantly moving stripped down acoustic number with so much heart that reminds me just how powerful a voice, guitar and harmonica can be. Brings me back to that feeling of being young, open and free, going on endless road trips, county fairs and festivals as a child while growing up. I've seen him perform quite a few times and he is one of kind.