WARMER MIXTAPES #450 | by Frederick Rundqvist [au delà de Stockholm] of Sameblod

1. Little Dragon | Summertearz
Not only that I'm in love with Yukimi Nagano but their music is probably the best from Sweden at the moment. They have a great sense for small details and I love that.

2. M83 | Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)
I heard this song just yesterday & totally fell in love with it. I've been longing for some new stuff with M83 for quite some time now & now it's coming true. He is gonna release a double album this October. I get this strange craving for running in pooring rain when I listen to his music - it's a good thing. He is a true genious.

3. Niki & The Dove | The Drummer
Their old stuff is brilliant. When I heard this song from their upcoming EP, I just wanted more. They've found their sound. Love it.

4. I Break Horses | Hearts
Have you seen the video to this song?! I mean, the song itself is amazing but with the video it enhances every emotion that a human body haves. Their debut album is really pure. I want to live in the woods when I listen to this fellow Stockholm duo.

5. Snörök | Me At Last
This is a Swedish duo from a really small town called Järna. I just came across these two lovely girls on Soundcloud. When I heard this song, I had this huge crush on this girl, to be honest I still do. Everytime I hear this song it takes me back & at the same time a view into the future. Really strange & cheesy story but it's true.

6. Jonsí & Alex | Indian Summer
I listen to this song every night. True story. I can't sleep until I've listened to this song. It's like religion for some. Indian Summer is my religion.

7. Simian Ghost | Bicycle Theme
I got this love for Simian Ghost when I saw them at Way Out West Festival, in Gothenburg, Sweden.
I'm not getting why they aren't bigger than they are at the moment. This song is one of my happy songs at the moment. Love it.

8. Summer Heart | I Miss You
This guy is a dear friend of mine. He is a genious when it comes to pure music with beautiful melodies and so on. Especially in this song. He has this special feel in his voice and the shitloads of reverb & delay enhances everything.

9. Efterklang | Bright
I've got a huge relationship with the Danish band Efterklang. It brings up so many emotions. I can honestly say that they give me goosebumps everytime I listen to one of their tracks. It's connected to the Snörök song, about this really awesome girl. Love it and the same time hate it, that feeling you know.

10. Interpol | Not Even Jail
Okey. Here comes the greatest song of all time. I'm totally serious. I've even got this song as a tattoo on my arm. Paul Banks is a genious when it comes to lyrics. Daniel Kessler is the mastermind behind it all. Best band in the world, in my opinion. When I listened to this song at the first time, my body kinda shut down for a litte while. It was after that I became a man. No joke. This song is gonna be played on future my wedding, my future kids birth & on my funeral.