WARMER MIXTAPES #452 | by Jarno Van Rijt [Yesjar]

1. Pink Floyd | Mother
Pink Floyd is one of the most influencing bands since I was born, my dad is a real oldy Rock fan, I grew up with Pink Floyd and they are the most influencing band for me because they did something that was new for their time. Playing with the effects and doing something that was never/not much heard in that time.

2. Aphex Twin | Afx237 v7 (w19rhbasement Remix)
And Gwarek2... Wikipedia says: the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music. This is exactly how I think about his tracks, productions and as an artist. I have chosen this track because it was the first track I've ever seen/heard of him. The video is exactly the sound he used for the track itself. It's like he made the film first and then he used the sounds of the film for his release. It's like all the sounds has their own influencing meaning for the whole video and track.

3. Radiohead | Idioteque
Radiohead is my favorite band of all time. I heard this track at a friend of mine, not knowing it was Radiohead. I said: this is a realy awesome beat, is it possible to get this only in instrumental?... But that's not why the track is great, I thought. It's the whole thing, beat and voice. So I began to check Radiohead out, found some great tracks on the Internet and I was in love right away hearing their diversity in sound. Every track is so different and still you hear it's Radiohead.

4. Tommy Four Seven | Sor
The first time I heard this track was at a big party. Thinkin' by myself this is something really different as the rest and still so Techno like. Later I checked it in a set of one of the CLR podcast, and heard Liebing saying: A new release of Tommy Four Seven. I right away checked it on YouTube, found this video of an oldskool tape where people where dancing on a beat, not the Tommy For Seven track, no, it was just a video edit for the track. I thought by myself. This is what I want to make as an artist, this pure raw and energetic feeling of Bass And Rhythm . This is one of the biggest releases in the nowadays Techno scene in my opinion.

5. Perc | My Head Is Slowly Exploding
This album is released this year, checked some of the tracks out at Perc’s Soundcloud, I thought this is something new and exciting, the same as the Tommy Four Seven - Sor track. I searched for some other thing on YouTube and the Internet. Found this video of this track, I saw a dude hitting with a bat or pipe on a big (sea)container. It gave me exactly the same feeling as the Tommy Four Seven track, he made a big change in the Eectronic and especially the Techno scene. Doing something never heard, what is really needed nowadays. The album name is Wicker & Steel, it gives you a little hint of how it's made and tells something about the sounds that were used. Rough and hard! How I like it!!!

6. St. Germain | Rose Rouge
Another big influence of my dad and the music he listened when I was younger. I always had this big love for Jazz, so complex and sometimes hard to listen and understandable music. And if you hear something made by St. Germain it almost sounds like Jazz made for the easy listeners and those who love the Electronic Dance music. A big inspiration for me and still love to hear their sounds.

7. Doop | Doop
This is realy the first Electronic Dance music tune I can remember from my youth. When I listen to it now it still is such a good track, in production level and sounds and sample work. I think as a BIG artist/dj you still can play this track and the crowd will love it.

8. Daft Punk | Rollin' & Scratchin'
I started creating music and making tracks from the great inspiration of Daft Punk, they are the most influencing Electronic Dance music for me. All there tracks are so huge and so important for the beginning and evolution of the Dance scene. Rollin' & Scratchin' is (one of) my favorites because it sounds so Techno like. One of the best artist in the EDM scene.

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Hey Joe (The Leaves Cover)
Another track and especially artist I know from my dad's music collection. The tracks self is a cover of the by the Los Angeles garage band, The Leaves. Jimi just made a cover, but damn what a great one. Jimi is now one of the most influencing artists for that genre and time, not only made a big inspiration source for Rock music, he also made some changes in how diverse you can handle with your instruments and sound. Still a big inspiration for so much people in the music business and scene.

10. wAgAwAgA | The Wolf
I know about this track for just a few months now and rightaway I was blown away by the big sounds and sample work he did, just incredible. Checked out more of this promising producer and found out he made a lot of tracks, as big as this one. Really inspiring sounds!