WARMER MIXTAPES #454 | by Michael Schwartz [Michael Myerz]

1. Aesop Rock | Daylight
I have always been a huge Aesop Rock fan but this song is the best. I remember during the jr. year in high school I was going through a lot of rough times. I was trying to fit in with a group of people who were all Christian and I’m Jewish so that never worked out. I wound up loving this song so much that I wrote my own poem to the beat and I hope that one day I can make it into a rap. My favorite line is Life's not a bitch life is a beautiful woman... Your only call her a bitch because she won't let you get that pussy... Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests... Or maybe you're just an asshole who couldn't sweet talk the princess... That line is beautiful! I can relate to that so much. Every girl rejects me and I think of that line every time. All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way is something I wish I could do because every day is full of so much negativity but then at the same time positivity and like I just want to cut out the negativity or save it for the non important parts of the day, take ECONOMICS out of my day and were good...

2. Animal Collective | People
This song is so simple yet so magnificent at the same time. Everything is beautiful. It brings me back to the days of high school where I was so alone and would just sit in my room in the dark starring at the ceiling thinking about where my life is heading. I would walk to this song through the hallways in school and then get in my friend's car that had it on a mix CD I gave him and listen again. Even right now I’m listening to it just to take it all in. It’s a song that somehow envelops every emotion one can have into one giant ball of emotions and then when People is screamed you just feel a refreshing chill go up your spine which opens your eyes.

3. Black Moth Super Rainbow | I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
BMSR is my favorite band and the funny thing is that when my best friend Joe showed me the band I HATED THEM!!! Then I grew to like them and then now I love them. Every song is different, every album is different, and they’re different! This song has always been my favorite because it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and for me it’s my Everything Is Going To Be Alright song. From the vocals to the instrumentation it’s brilliant! Reminds me of Willie Wonka on acid… Oh wait I think it is...

4. Broken Social Scene | Guilty Cubicles
Two years ago I was in my room. I was informed that I didn’t have good enough grades to get into college, my friends had ditched me to go to a party, it was Halloween and the skies were darker than my black coffee. To make matters worse the girl that I was obsessed with started dating Mr. Perfect, which made me feel well, not perfect. I listened to this song I repeat and even to this day listen to it over and over again. It’s great, such a good autumn song.

5. Interpol | NYC
Jr. year, New Year's Eve. I was at a party that I really didn’t want to be at but a couple of my best buds were there so I tagged along. I brought my iPod and headphones just in case bad music was played which wound up being the case. I listened to Sufjan Stevens the whole night but wasn’t feeling it after a while, I needed some Ian Curtis type shit… INTERPOL BINGO!!!!! So I put on NYC and turned it all the way up, I have never vibed more to a song in my life, well I probably have but at this moment NYC was the best song ever! I watched all these people and looked into their souls I swear, I could see that these are not my friends and that I wanted to do something different than all of them. New York Cares blasted in my eardrums and I just got so excited for the future. I listen to this song whenever I’m done with a certain part in my life and want to leave it behind. This song fucking rocks.

6. Mark McGuire | Brain Storm (For Erin)
Okay, well, anything coming from the dudes from Emeralds is gonna be fantastic. This song though brings me back to my youth; well, anything this guy makes does that but this one especially! This song reminds me of the Bee Hive Level in Donkey Kong Country 2. I love Donkey Kong! Then it reminds me of DBZ like some epic scene where everyone is flying trying to get to a location in time before like Majin Boo is summoned or something like that. I remember listening to this song with my buddy Joe on the way back to my house and the sky was so gloomy and the song was like coming out of the sky haha. I love this song on rainy days as well or any day...

7. Quarashi | Tarfur
I am really not influenced by Rap but I sure do love me some Icelandic Rap where I can’t even understand what the hell they’re saying. Quarashi influenced me as far as Rap as concerned, they fucking rock. This song brings me back to the skateboarding days. I still blast this song all the time. The sample for the hook is so dope! All the stuff they made was great for the most part.

8. Why? | Simeon's Dilemma
I hope one day I can collaboarate with Why? because Yoni is such a huge influence! This song is amazing, beautiful and I can relate to it so much! I am a stalker when it comes to girls… Not in a creepy way. For example I’ll just become so fascinated with a girl if they remind me of my youth or make me feel warm inside. I don’t know... It’s weird. The lyrics in this song are brilliant! I can visualize so much from it. I just want to sing this to the girl who just broke my heart...

9. Danny Brown | I Will
This might not be my favorite song in the World but it has to be up here. I love women and pleasing them first... This song is all about that another winky face... I listen to this when a girl turns me down because they are missing out another winky face... The beat is great; the lyrics are great and turn me on. I want to hook up with a girl to this.

10. Tycho | Cascade
I am a huge Toonami fan and when I first heard this song I felt so much nostalgia hit me in the face like a water balloon filled with cold water. I get goosebumps when I hear this song. I found out later that this song was used in the last broadcast of Toonami and I almost cried when I saw it on YouTube. Tycho is awesome! I hope one day to work with him as well! This song is so basic but so damn good. Reminds me of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s album Falling Through A Field which is one of my favorite albums.