WARMER MIXTAPES #467 | by Joshua Hodges of Sexton Blake and Starfucker/STRFKR

1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Jello And Juggernauts
My words can't explain the intelligence and beauty of this song, it just has to be heard, preferably live.

2. Cass McCombs | County Line
I like the super mellow, contemplative vibe of this song. I also really like how the chorus mellows out from the verses.

3. Radiation City | Color Of Industry
Sweet harmonies, great songwriting.

4. Steve Wonder | Love's In Need Of Love Today
Just really great song writing and structure. Perfect harmonies. Also I think he played almost all of the instruments on this album, which of course is inspiring to me.

5. Neil Young | Till The Morning Comes
Simple, sweet and short.

6. Betelmire | My Mensa Dream
Clever and chill with a swingy Hip Hop beat. I'd like to maybe cover this song someday.

7. T.I. | You Know What It Is (feat. Wyclef)
I'm a sucker for a lot ot the beats T.I. uses. This one is just so slick. I love listening to the production in modern southern Hip Hop.

8. Metronomy | 1 String Strung
Instrumental music is usually my favorite.

9. Feelings | Home Alone
This dude speaks to me. It's really honest.

10. Cody Chestnutt | Enough Of Nothing
Chill, contemplative, sweet voice.