WARMER MIXTAPES #471 | by Rameses Booth [Rameses B]

I find it difficult to pick any specific track. There is such a huge range of possible answers. All I can say is that any piece of music from Classical, Film Music to Electronic as long as it's emotionally inspiring then it is what I enjoy. I’ve always loved Sound, especially sounds I’ve never heard before, even if it was the distortion effect on an electric guitar or the electronic sound effects used dance music. So I’ll go back to some of my roots when certain tracks led me into new musical interests.

1. Alek Szahala | Alanamra
From what I remember, this was one of the uplifting Trance tracks that stood out to me. Despite the long two minute intros most Trance tracks have for mixing it was the epic breakdowns that really pulled the emotion from me. The chord progressions, melodies and the instrumentation really brought the Music to Life. Trance has to be the greatest influence towards my musical inspiration when it comes to writing emotional pieces.

2. Lisaya vs. Petersen Meets DJ Deraven | Ebony Angel (DJ Lee Remix)
This is another uplifting Trance track that caught me, similar instrumentation, same emotions, but with different melodies and progressions. It interests me how Music can have an affect on one listener but affect another in a different way.

3. Andy Blueman | Neverland
One of my favorite Trance producers. Bringing the uplifting sounds of epic Film Music into Electronic Dance music. Although the synths that have that interesting sound, it is the overall composition that this artist uses in his tracks that really captures my imagination. I’ve always loved how Classical/Film Music was integrated into Trance music but this guy really pulls it off well! It’s just too beautiful, how music should be - triggering thoughts, memories and emotion.

4. Barthezz | On The Move
Now onto the more Dance/Clubby stuff. I just love the synth in this. It’s really choppy with a unique rhythm and really does want to make you move. Good energy in this track!

5. Darren Styles | Save Me
UK Hardcore Dance music played a big role in my teenage life for around 4 - 5 years. Although not to many people’s taste it made me feel special and unique to be part of a dedicated community of Hardcore Dance music lovers. The fast 170+ bpm speeds really got me pumping (same with D&B), but on top of this it had great melodies... This genre also had some D&B influences that I discovered in the Bonkers compilation albums. It was everything I loved all in one. This track in particular had originality from the wonderful vocals of Darren Styles, it’s mesmerizing.

6. deadmau5 & Kaskade | I Remember
I know this a little more mainstream than my previous mentions but I just have to say this is the first track I heard from him and have been a fan ever since. Melodic vibes from the start progressing throughout the track. This artist got me into the more Progressive side of music. It made me realize it’s not all about crazy sound effects or epic breakdowns, but simplicity and a clean production can also win you over. The vibes this song gives off are so captivating, I always feel like I’m in a busy city traveling on a quiet coach watching the city lights blur past me. I don’t know if it’s just linked to my individual memories but every time I listen to this song it takes me to that place, ultimate nostalgia!

7. Hanz Zimmer | Time (Inception Soundtrack)
This composer is my hero of Film Music. He is an absolute genius and an inspiration in writing in a huge range of styles and genres. He has such a big catalogue of work behind him. To me, he is a better musician/songwriter than any Pop musician out there. I know it’s in a totally different league but Music is Music and what this composer can do to the human senses is beyond spectacular.

8. Dirtyphonics | Vandals
You may have noticed all the tracks I have mentioned so far are mainly melodic-based. I do love melodies because this is what identifies and gives a track personality. However, there are exceptions when the time has come to let your hair down and party! Sound design can make a track have the WOW-factor and this track has that. Clever tempo changes that seamlessly blend from D&B to breakbeat to D&B again with bass driven mechanical sounds. Variation with the bass sounds and synths, it makes this track interesting as well as one to blast out!

9. Excision & Downlink | Existence VIP
This is another bass driven, epic sound-design masterpiece but of the Dubstep variety. Also containing tempo changes from Dubstep to Drumstep, normal to syncopated Funky rhythms. With continuously changing sounds and synth variations this track is HARD. As a producer this technological achievement majorly impresses me, I can’t imagine how epic it must sound to the normal listener!

10. Nobuo Uematsu | Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack)
How can I not mention this genius Japanese Game Music composer. Final Fantasy 7 happens to be my all-time favourite computer game! The storyline, nostalgia and of course the Music. This music makes this game worth playing (as there’s no dialogue, mostly music and visuals) and when I hear this theme tune it really does take me back, remembering the emotional tension between Cloud and Aerith and the amazing story behind the whole game.

Music is indeed something to be amazed at. It is around us everyday and we accept it in our daily lives just like the Sun in the sky. Yet it is just as mysterious and powerful, affecting our moods, memories and helping us through our life’s journey. Music triggers a philosophical side to me, why and how does it affect us in the way that it does. Vibrations in the air that changes our mood and perception of Life, it is crazy to think something like that has that great effect on us. I have studied how sound affects the human mind and body, came up with an essay I had to write for a project... Even so, Music is still as awe-inspiring as the Universe itself.