WARMER MIXTAPES #475 | by Nonno Drougge [Nottee]

1. Frida | Heart Of The Country
Produced by Phil Collins. I’m not a big fan of Collins, maybe it’s because of his voice. I’m very sensitive to voices generally, especially male voices, I prefer female voices most of the time.

2. ABBA | Name Of The Game
Oh, the drums! The beat starts immediately and you can imagine the drummer nailing the beat in the first recording session in the Polar Studio. (Today the Polar building is providing one of Sweden’s biggest fitness companies with gym spaces).

3. ABBA | If It Wasn’t For The Nights
Somehow I’d be doing alright, if it wasn’t for the nights. Not one of their best productions, it feels very typical for that time.

4. ABBA | Chiquitita
I thought the lyrics were Chiquitita you and I cry, but the Sun is stealing the sky and shining above you. I thought stealing the sky was so beautifully written. So I pretend they sing stealing the sky, instead of still in the sky. Stealing the sky sounds more overwhelming and dramatic, more hopeful. Still in the sky is more, you know, you are sad, but the World goes on anyway. I want it to be like, now it’s getting better, because you are so strong that when you get through the sadness, the Sun will steal the sky for you.

5. ABBA | Two For The Price Of One
The song gets quieter when the refrain starts. And then, then, the girls voices come sneaking in. My ears are melting! It’s the opposite to the sort of dynamic most Pop songs have.

6. ABBA | Slipping Through My Fingers
The only time I like electric guitars is when they sound like The Queen guitars, when they play melodies in harmonies.

7. ABBA | Under Attack
This song has what I would describe as the typical ABBA sound. The sound is very compact but still big. And all the different pieces and melodies fit together so well. It’s just very rich and dynamic.

8. Agnetha Fältskog | Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Amazing production, amazing song, amazing vocals, fantastic beat.

9. ABBA | Eagle

10. ABBA | One Of Us
The fourth song I chose from their last album, The Visitors. I didn’t enjoy writing about these songs. And I don’t like reading what I wrote either. I can’t really see why you should write about Music. And it’s even harder when you write in a foreign language. The words and emotions are already in the songs, no one has to explain those emotions for you. The music communicates itself. I think you know what I mean.