WARMER MIXTAPES #477 | by Ellen Davies [/Please/]

1. Fight Bite | Swissex Lover
I’m finding it difficult to articulate how lovely I think this song is, it’s probably the most lovely thing I’ve ever listened to and I routinely cry at I am sure that I will never ever love again when the key changes. The synth pushes the song along, and I always seem to try to do that before realising I haven’t got any sounds as nice and resonant as this and turning up my drums.

2. Coma Cinema | In Lieu Of Flowers
There’s a ridiculous amount of good Coma Cinema, I love his voice and how he seems to be able to come out with so much non-assumingly brilliant music all the time.

3. Elvis Depressedly | I’m Never Going To Understand
Elvis Depressedly is a name Coma Cinema’s been releasing things under over the Autumn and I’ve loved it all. This is one of the final songs he’s released and my favourite, there’s so much nice reverb and organ.

3. Hooray! | Went To Bed With (Bedhead)
I spent a couple of months earlier this year going to sleep to this pretty much every night, until listening to it automatically made me feel really lethargic and it felt too much like a trigger-it’s really nice though. Hooray! isn’t going anymore, I hope he does something else.

4. Algebra Suicide | Please Respect Our Decadence
This song’s full of enviable beats and really nice effected guitar and I envy Lydia Tomkiw for having such a cool voice.

5. The Kinks | I Go To Sleep
Or The Pretenders/S.Maharba/Anika versions... I couldn’t decide which version of this song I wanted to include so I’m counting these 4 as one. The Kinks come first because it’s the actual song I absolutely love-all the elements are so simple and it’s so sweet lyrically. s.maharba does this song so well, makes it all sound really delicate and unhinged which The Pretenders didn’t really manage. I listen to this song in some form or other all the time at the moment and I don’t know if I was already feeling a bit delicate and dejected or if it’s as a result of this.

6. Crystal Castles | Vietnam
I really want Crystal Castles to put out a new album and I’ve always been a big fan. This song reminds me of driving to Tesco in the dark with my dad.

7. Kate Bush | Suspended In Gaffa
Kate Bush means a lot to me! For some reason most people I know aren’t very interested in her, at best they’re impartial and I can’t understand it at all. I love the lyrics, how there isn’t any spaces to stop for breath, all the different tones she uses in the chorus and the fact that it’s in Waltz-time, I’m drawn towards almost anything in Waltz-time.

8. Iran | Buddy
Apparently Iran are the side project of someone from TV On The Radio which I didn’t know. Buddy gets me really nostalgic and makes me feel like I’m the pretentious 14 year old I was when I first heard it, all the sounds in it are amazing.

9. Cocteau Twins | Crushed
No one does Celestial/Ethereal/Unworldly like Cocteau Twins do and I love things I can describe like that.

10. Elliott Smith | No Name #1
One of my favourite ever songs.

+11. Grandpa Was A Lion | Belgian Waves
I’ve been recommending this song everywhere I go for quite a while, it’s so sentimental and dreamy and perfect, all his stuff’s good actually and makes me feel like not bothering with my own.

+12. Fostercare | Cold Arms
This song reminds me of flying to New York and suddenly becoming aware of the fact that I was hurtling through the air away from most of the people I liked best. Six months ago it seemed to disappear online, I can’t find it anywhere and I’m starting to doubt it existed.

+13. Salem | Skullcrush
Best Salem song.

+14. Serge Gainsbourg | Hold Up
Perhaps the least cool Gainsbourg song I could choose, it makes me so happy and want to be French.

+15. Sleep ∞ Over | Stickers
I can’t explain how much I love Sleep Over, I think this album is so good.

+16. Dream Boat | Summer Solstice
Plus imissu... I put both because I couldn’t choose. Dream Boat are my favourite thing to have come out of Witch House and there’s loads going on in their music - they’ve made me love Like A Prayer by Madonna because they use the first couple of lines in it at the beginning of Your Beaches.