WARMER MIXTAPES #485 | by Tom Parker

1. Bob Howard & His Boys | If You're A Viper (The Reefer Song)
Me and my buddy Oak went swimming in a river to this song, and a very nearly naked man turned up on a bicycle and decided to join us for a dip (by this point he was fully nude) and so we enjoyed the pleasantries of the river whilst this song and a few other 30's Reefer Jazz tunes but this one stuck out for me because we then later dressed up in suits and continued to listen to this song. Nice vibes.

2. Rustie | Ultra Thizz
Enjoyed getting a good gurn on with my mat Max to this song at Bestival at the end of Pearson Sounds set. I had been looking for it for a very long time after until Max showed me it after he'd found it. I was grateful to be reunited with this song. It's very good.

3. Maurice | This Is Acid
Some cheesy Acid that's fun to listen to. Not really too much to say about this tune other than it's just a classic. Makes me wanna get up and get a Boogie on.

4. Altern 8 | Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix)
Got some mad synths in it. Introduced to me by Oak again I think, where we'd drop instrumentals and get some really sloppy free styling done about the food we were eating or something and then he just played this for no reason. I enjoyed very much. This song makes me wanna make noise.

5. Wikluh Sky | Pazi Sta Radis
My main man Oli Johns always used to talk about how disgusting A Serbian Film was, yet I always thought the tune was great, I never watched the film. He watched and explained to me how horrific it was, I don't think I'll ever watch it but the soundtrack is fresh and that's why I like it.

6. DJ Shadow | Midnight In A Perfect World
First DJ Shadow tune I heard and just thought it was smooth. One of the reasons I started making more Hip Hoppier stuff just cause it's a great tune.

7. Burial | Ghost Hardware
Sitting in an ice cold caravan bedroom with only the ice blue L.E.D from the speakers for light, Me, Oli and Oli were just rinsing the Burial tunes whilst trying to keep warm, was a bit of a weird atmosphere so we just talked about British laws the best we could under the circumstances we were in. And managed to get to sleep just about after changing around 40 different sleeping positions.

8. Musical Youth | Pass The Dutchie (Big Spliff Remix) (Mystical Dubz)
Dropped this tune in a set at The Cavern in Exeter. Was just good to see people's reactions too it, all positive and stuff, they were loving it! Shame the bouncers were absolute wankers IDing ME even though my name was literally on the ticket. But aside from that, a good night. After the set me and my cronies decided to hit up the local play park till 4 in the morning as we couldn't get any sleep, you know how it is.

9. Jehst | 1979
Just some tay-stee British Hip Hop. Can't remember why and where I first heard it, but I just remember hearing a Jehst tune and being like mmm, this is good. Then just got into his other tunes also, pretty boring story I'm afraid! Just keen on the tune and it's one of my favourites.

10. Cage | Agent Orange
I like A Clockwork Orange and I like Hip Hop so this tune is just a pretty ace combo of both those which is pretty enjoyable, like the Jehst tune not really too sure how I heard it, it just came about! This tune makes me feel like turning villainous. Nice.