WARMER MIXTAPES #500 | by Travis Egedy [Pictureplane]

Photo by Tara Chacón.

Pictureplane's Top Ten Tracks of 2011

1. Clicks & Whistles | Cranberry Goose
Simple and deadly, there is just something about this song that makes me so happy. It sounds like syrup dripping down a wall at a rave, or how Ketamine feels, slow and hallucinatory. I want to ride in a car with the top down blasting this while eating ice cream or something. It is a very visual song.

2. Craxxxmurf | Hustlin Hard To The Left
I honestly don't know anything about this producer, I found him on Soundcloud... Where it can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack to find an amazing song. But this song is just absolutely mindblowing, and melodically beautiful, as is every single song on his page. To me he represents the current next evolution of Club producers. Extremely Post-Modern, taking influence from a wide variety of culture. Rave, Hip-Hop, Gabber Techno, Hardcore, all mixed together to create something entirely new, nasty and extremely Psychedelic.

3. Unicorn Kid | True Love Fantasy (feat. Talk To Animals)
I've said it before, but Unicorn Kid just might be my favorite producer. His music is joyful and positive and extremely emotional. I love describing what it sounds like because there is so much going on within in. It reminds me of being a teenager, when the whole World is very immediate and real. It is somehow nostalgic but totally cutting edge, and this song is a throw your hands in the air anthem for a young generation. Kill your parents, the rave has arrived. A true love fantasy indeed.

4. ASAP Rocky | Palace
Fuck the money, fuck the fame, this is real life... God damn, how real is this?... I know everyone is talking about ASAP right now, but it is probably for good reason. This is just incredibly fresh Hip Hop. It feels alive. Even if ASAP really isn't talking about anything that new, like girls, drugs, himself, money and clothes, for some reason the way it comes out of his mouth just sounds like butter. It is no secret that the producer, Clams Casino is one of the main reasons why ASAP's whole mixtape was incredible. Clams had quite a year himself and is probably a more important artist that ASAP is when it comes down to it.

5. Danny Brown | Die Like A Rockstar
Danny exploded this year on to the Rap scene, and also people's radar who don't even listen to Rap music. He is just one of those artists that are so interesting that he transcends boundaries and genres, like any talented artist should. This is probably my favorite song off of his killer mixtape XXX. It is just dark as fuck, menacing. The beat creeps forward like a war march with Danny riding it on top talking about dying from how many drugs he takes. This is some demented music.

6. Prurient | Sugar Cane Chapel
I have been a huge Prurient fan for years now. I even did a presentation and lecture on one of his performances while I was in art school, comparing Noise Music to Painting. So it is safe to say I am a bit of a fan boy when it come to Prurient. And when he dropped Bermuda Drain this year, I was blown away. This is the album I needed in my life, and Sugar Cane Chapel is its crowning achievement. With its beautiful synths crashing together like distorted ocean waves, and Dominic Fernow speaking his cryptic poetry over the top like some sort of dark sorcerer casting a spell, it is mesmerizing. A masterpiece.

7. Rustie | After Light
As with Prurient, I have been a huge Rustie fan for years. This year saw him really blow up and be noticed as the genius he is. The whole album of Glass Swords is just stellar, but this is a standout for me. Headbangable freakout swag music that sounds like it should be played in a stadium for 80,000 people. Rustie is just immense and so talented, he is more than just a producer, this guy is a composer. Mental. This music makes you happy to be alive.

8. Total Freedom | Life Loves Nach (Mix)
I am not even sure if this came out in 2011? Maybe the end of 2010, but it doesn't matter really because I listened to this probably 1000 times in 2011. Total Freedom is probably one of the best DJ's in the World right now just based on his taste and personal style alone. Literally riding the cutting edge of culture. I smoked DMT for the first time while listening to this mix, and it will always make me think of that. It is sublime and magical. New Age Club Music. Meditate and feel the Earth vibrate.

9. Africa HiTech | Out In The Streets
A favorite to drop when I DJ, this song is everything I love about boundary pushing contemporary art. Rhythmically challenging, heart bounding next level dopeness. This track will probably serve as a benchmark for producers for years to come. Like, is your song better than Out In The Streets? If not, you need to come correct.

10. Chris Brown | Beautiful People (feat. Benny Benassi)
Yes, I know Chris Brown is a dirt bag. I don't like him. He seems angry and I don't even really understand how he has a career. I don't like supporting him, BUT, there is no denying this song. The lyrics the beauty is inside you, don't let them bring you down... Chris is on some straight PLUR shit (thanks to Benny Benassi of course). I had some of my favorite times this year while DJing this song. It just melts the room. It is so cheesy and so brilliant, a classic for the ages. I fucking love this song. God damn it, Chris Brown.