WARMER MIXTAPES #521 | by Andrew Sheron [Everyman Of Parts]

1. Huun-Huur-Tu | Tarlaashkyn
My love for Tuva started before I wrote my first song, and is definitely my longest running musical passion (not counting my Classical days). I chose this song because I feel like it gives you a sonic taste of the three main throatsinging styles, captures the intensity and power of their music, features the traditional instruments from the region, and does it all in two minutes.

2. Nellie Andreeva | Malka Moma
Nothing causes frisson faster for me than great vocals. I must have listened to this particular performance on YouTube a hundred times when I first got into Bulgarian Music. It hooked me from the first word. Her voice shimmers and soars over a beautifully simple choral arrangement. The runner up for this slot was Ergen Deda, a completely different epic side of Bulgarian choir. Check that one out too.

3. Oingo Boingo | We Close Our Eyes
My dad used to sing this to me as a lullaby when I was small and it has always stuck with me. Look for the performance from their Farewell concert; it seems to have an added level of importance for the band and it has stayed my favorite version because of that.

4. Bobby McFerrin | Blackbird
Bobby McFerrin is #1 on my list of People I want to collaborate with before I die. It's tough to pick a song because I like so many of his just as much as this one, but Blackbird stands out as such a technical accomplishment I couldn't leave it off the list. Attempting to sing along to all of the Bobby in my library has definitely made me a better singer.

5. Béla Fleck & The Flecktones | Sleeper
There were only a few records that stayed in my car's fancy 6-CD changer for the entire time I owned it in high school, and Little Worlds was one of them. This one stands out because it was always the track I looked forward to getting to and seems like the apex of the 3-disc collection. I'm not ashamed to say I sang along with that Asian lady every single time she came in. That story is great: the band heard her singing Chinese Opera in the kitchen of the restaurant they were at and asked her to be on the record. I'm happy they did.

6. Gotye | Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
Another discovery made while enjoying some StumbleVideo during my breakfast. I nearly jumped over it by accident and am really glad I didn't. I watched the video twice before realizing I'd forgotten about my cereal and that it had gone soggy. Gotye instantly jumped high up on the People I want to collaborate with before I die list and turned me on to Kimbra too. Double prizes.

7. Nickel Creek | Sabra Girl
With all of the members separately making the collaborate before dying list, Nickel Creek is a top group in my book. Their arrangement of this Andy Irvine song is one of my favorite recordings of theirs, and the last line still gives me a little chill every time I hear it.

8. Primus | To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
A staple of my childhood, I can't help but sing along to the entire song if Primus comes on somewhere.

9. Incubus | 11am
I'm pretty sure that while Morning View was by no means the first album I ever heard, owned or fell in love with, it was the first I ever bought with my own hard-earned cash.

10. John Coltrane | Moment's Notice
I can't close out this list without including a song out of my Jazz collection, and this classic Coltrane composition is certainly one of my favorite standards ever. I'm still learning how to play over those changes.