WARMER MIXTAPES #525 | by Ryan Boos [Nomadic Firs]

1. Steel Pulse | Handsworth Revolution
I used to run a Reggae soundsystem, and this was the track that started the whole thing. That summer, blurry as it was, always comes through on top of this track. I have the chills writing about it. I can see the apartment I lived in downtown Kalamazoo MI, the weather was so perfect that summer. My cousin had this Jeep we would just cruise all day in it, blaring Reggae, this song, our youthful battle cry telling the whole World we will never die, and never grow old. When I close my eyes I'm right there in the smoke, the 10' sub bumping behind me in the Raggedy Jeep. One of the best summers of my life. I miss those times, and those people. But I'm thrilled we had that experience b/c we can't erase the past no matter what we say in the present.

2. Mystic Chords Of Memory | Golden Dome
You're a human being with love to give, so give it. I think that's right. I call this record our mountain record. It's one of the most beautiful sounding albums I've ever heard. This particular tune is so wonderful because it just sounds like what happens in the mountains when no one is walking through them. All this amazing vivid imagery that feels whole. It's the moment nature marries to another part of nature, the ringing certainty of an ecosystem embracing the fruits of its own belonging... Something like that.

3. Devendra Banhart | At The Hop
Indeed a song to bring you home and something on constant repeat in my house. A vow at a wedding, a poem in the morning, a story before bed, a piece in the paper, a sing along in the bath tub, a eulogy, a breathe of silence, a confession, a moment of revelation, rumination, an act of kindness, a hug and kiss combination, the bird that nests on your porch, the dogs loyalty, a cats meow, the warm sweater in the afternoon. The beauty of life and the death. 15 good years left, and the time to share in laughter.

4. The Sea And Cake | The Transaction
Writing in my journal about searching for something, wanting more. Coming of age is a real bitch, and I hated it for a time, but walking through the streets with this on the phones, loosens the pressure from your obsessive introspection. This is what I thought while roaming the streets when I was in the my early twenties. Leave it alone, and I'll be on your side...

5. Detroit Emeralds | Take My Love
Epically soulful, Take My Love just shines through the heart, makes you wanna hold someone. The line in the song Take my love, and make it better is one of my favorite lyrics on any song. Like a cambric Sun shedding graces over the head of something, or someone you love or admire, Detroit Emeralds do it as well as any of Motown's finest. Mad Love on this one.

6. Boards Of Canada | Peacock Tail
When I first made the move to Tennessee, I had friends visit a few times. One time in particular I took them to this place called Bald River Falls. Well, we sort of stumbled upon it together. We were looking for a place to camp around Cherohala Skyway, near Tellico Plains. The whole way up, through all the winding roads I was floating to this song, the whole Campfire Headphase album actually. So much so, that my friends had to signal me to stop b/c the night was closing in on us, we turned around and then found this amazing place to camp right atop the falls. This is one of the best albums ever made. And on that day I swear I felt as if the whole was listening to it.

7. Marvin Gaye | After The Dance (Instrumental)
Cool breeze, Psychedelic keys, and the drops that take you all the way to Pyramid Point. But of course you make a fews stops in the small towns before hand, and forget where you parked while the road narrows and widens in front of your very own eyes. Just make sure you hippie flip on this one, it's a long strange trip indeed, packed with the silhouettes of smoke from the spaced out flutes, and panned out zutes... You dig?

8. Bob Dylan | Tombstone Blues
Kick the crates over and just rock this shit. One of the original rappers, Dylan just said it right, and there's not much else to say but damn this dude knows what to say after he's already said it, again and again, and again.

9. Dean & Britta | Colours (Donovan Cover)
The first night I met my wife we listened to this song on repeat. The night was filled with a million miles of possibility. We were both curious about the next day, how it would end, how she would leave. Thankfully she never did, and this has been our song ever since. Love you babe!

10. Air | Kelly Watch The Stars
The Moon hazing over fine dressed people as the sky explodes in utter beauty, the two people survive the Earth's demise and run through the vacant city with a tuxedo, and dinner dress of pearl white. He grabs her for the big kiss, the big finish, and then she wakes up. Kelly is late for work.