WARMER MIXTAPES #527 | by brandUn DeShay

1. Ami Suzuki | Change My Life
This is my favorite song in the entire world. I remember when I stumbled upon it while researching Yasutaka Nakata's previous work. The chords are so amazing and the synths take me to another world. This is the epitome of J-Electronic Music, which is my favorite genre. This is the only song I need in my life.

2. Toro Y Moi | How I Know
I love Toro and the music video in combination with the amazing jazzy/60's Psychedelic chords has me going bonkers everytime. I see browns and oranges and auburn colors whenever I'm listening to this one. It's a powerful, beautiful song!

3. Pharrell Williams | Frontin' (feat. Jay-Z)
The breakdown in this song is what makes it so incredible. I've never heard major 9ths soooooo beautiful. I've tried interpolating this song at least 10 times and made so many songs inspired by the breakdown alone, it's insane.

4. brandUn DeShay | An Ocean Of Stars
Even though this is MY song, I love it like it was a stranger's. The whole creation process behind it was really magical and I plan on creating a cartoon or live action musical based off it in the near future.

5. The Beatles | Hey Jude
In my opinion, this is Paul McCartney's best work. The build up to the nah nah nah part makes me wanna fly.

6. Michael Jackson | Human Nature
The piano chords once again... So damn smooth! It feels like morning time in New York from a fancy highrise... Maybe the one I see in my imagination is my own future?

7. Radiohead | Optimistic
One of my favorite all-time bands. This one really takes me away. It's got a lonely, but enjoyable rainy day feel to it. Thom's vocals are reminiscent of The Smiths in this too. So great!

8. The Smiths | The Headmaster Ritual
Perfect timing! The Smiths are like the fathers to Radiohead. This song, though, is great for long drives and really fun to sing. I still cannot fathom the guitar chords in this one. I tried and failed to learn to play it by ear...

9. N*E*R*D | Run To The Sun
My favorite and first song I ever heard from Pharrell and this band. It feels like a sad day at the beach. I'd be lying if I said this song didn't change my life. Twice.

10. 東京事変 | (シーズンサヨナラ
Apologies to those who can't read Kanji like me. This song is called Season Sayonara by Tokyo Jihen. The lead singer, Shiina, is one of the best living female vocalist. Combine that with the most powerful chord progressions on Earth and you got a classic.