WARMER MIXTAPES #542 | by James W. Magnum 3 [Shock Diamond]

1. Shannon | Give Me Tonight
Shannon was an amazing singer from the 80’s Freestyle Dance craze. She was born in Washington, DC (like me). This Shannon song in particular resonates deeply with me because of the urgency in the lyrics. It's about breaking up with a lover. A desperate attempt to relinquish whatever can be saved of that relationship. It has a heart wrenching chorus featuring Shannon’s iconic androgynous operatic voice expanding over a simple melody. It presents two pov’s of the same situation, almost like a dream and then the manifestation of a dream, or the fear of that moment when you know you gotta break up, played out a million ways in your mind, and then the actuality of that moment as it happens. This song is all about a moment. It’s one of the best Love songs ever written.

2. *NSYNC | Tearin' Up My Heart
This is my favorite *NSYNC song. The melodies are absolute Boy Band perfection. The bass in this is so sick too. It reminds me of being young. I was 13 when this was released. For me it was the gateway into the world of Boy Band Pop. I was watching a lot of porn back then too.

3. 18+ | Forgiven
This is an Internet Art masterpiece. Digital Lo-Fi Cybersexual R&B. Trans-rational lyrical prowess. It's an immediate astral projection into another realm of shifting gradients and shimmering chrome Post-Dimensional objects. This is the type of Genius Music that speaks to an underground generation of Internet cybernauts lucky enough to find it. It is the perfect amount of disembodied unaffected Pop mixed with Hip Hop groove extraction.

4. DJ Clap | I Want You
This producer creates Hyper Juke sample-scapes that beam you into a spiraling mecha-wormhole of flickering multicolored whatever. It reminds me of when a CD would skip, which I always loved to listen to and let work itself out, or go on into Infinity forever looping. It’s very Transcendental Music. I like this song a lot because of the part near the end where the words you and I get repeated over and over in beck and call style. The title is very poetic too. The simple concept of I wanting you. Very romantic.

5. Unknown | NRG
I love how this song is so hopelessly energetic. It's very high frequency too. The piano is absolute perfection. This is a perfect song. It's so positive. This is definitely my favorite song that has come out so far in 2012. It reminds me of being a squirrel running across power lines and chasing other squirrels, then transforming into the Squirrel God and stomping on all the cars and doing the squirrel version of the Melbourne Shuffle.

6. Krusaders | Be My Guest (@LILINTERNET BOOTLEG REDUX)
This is an amazing refix of a great Rave track by a fully integrated producer. LILINTERNET has a way of taking Rave to its logical conclusion. His tracks are essential for Prog Rave. They have the strange ability to make you smile and rage at the same time. They get me so amped for Life. LILINTERNET’s music is a sonic dose. The synths in this track are so massive, so triumphant, so I don’t care. I think it was originally made for the show Dinoriders, but decades too late, so it's now a stand alone Rave complex.

7. Liturgy | Pagan Dawn
I'm not big on Black Metal, or any Metal, but I do take 75 micrograms of colloidal silver bi-diurnally. And this band is my favorite Metal band out right now. They have the sound of perpetually shattering Reality. It reminds me of taking really successful showers, where I got a lot of thinking done. It also reminds me of what happened when I was baptized. As the priest pour cold water on my head I began convulsing, I screamed, and this is what I remember that scream sounding like. And as I dizzily stumbled through the church, grabbing on to whoever whatever, crying for help, they all just looked down at me lovingly, thinking how good this would sound as vocals over a dope Black Metal cacophony.

8. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ | PONPONPON
J-Pop is a strange amalgam of everything happening. And this song is the best answer to what is J-Pop. Although when the song and video are separated the power of this piece of art is lost. This song makes me feel Japanese. It makes me cry a little bit too. It is a realm of pure Hope and Color and Magic. It reminds me of being in kindergarten.

9. Princess Rotative | Spleen Mojojojo (Una Niña Malvada 'aaaaaai luv iuuuuu' Remix)
Crazy music from Chile. This producer's music reminds me of how watching cartoons was like when I was a little kid. When you’re younger and you experience something out of the ordinary it leaves a very distinct impression on your mind. This producer's music has that effect on me. He is a very talented visual artist as well. Everything about his work is very fun. Borrowing styles from Hardstyle, Glitchcore, Anime, Techno, and whatever else Pop culture to create nonsensical Dance Music that goes way beyond. This song is very change of scenery.

10. Nami Miyahara | Sky
This song is a part of the Casshern Sins Anime which is about an android assassin who unknowingly causes the degradation of the World, and then has to wander the rapidly decaying Earth with no memory of what he’s done. It is like advice from the Eternal Mother. It asks you to listen to your voice, to listen to your heart, and if they make you smile. Deep.

+11. Green Day | Basket Case
This was the first band I ever like, ever bought an actual CD of, and took very seriously. I've been listening to it recently. It's an emotional vortex for me. Too much to get into. Everyone who liked this back then will understand. And anyone who’s been a tweaker. No words necessary.

DBHB is definitely my favorite artist of the now. And so I had to mention something of his in this. This is a mix he did for SUPERSUPER magazine. It is very powerful. Lots of inspiration and slime magic involved in his work. He always uses very distinct songs in his mixes that have been favorites of mine from whenever ago, or excerpts from a movie or video game, so it's always an atemporal experience when listening to his music. This is a recent piece by the God himself.