WARMER MIXTAPES #554 | by Paul Dixon [David's Lyre]

1. Maps & Atlases | Living Decorations
We went to Sweden to record some of the In Arms EP, and I went for several (cold) walks around the city of Gothenburg listening to Maps & Atlases album Perch Patchwork. We share a similar obsession with 7ths in songs, I literally couldn't stop whistling the melody of this song to the point of even annoying myself. Embarrassing.

2. Marvin Gaye | Save The Children
What's Going On in my opinion is a contender for best album of all time. I first became addicted to it on a trip to Berlin and Poland on a school trip - it's perfect to listen to whilst looking out the window on long journeys. There is so much Emotion and Freedom in Gaye's voice in this song, it's incredible.

3. Arcade Fire | Modern Man
This is one of those songs which just sucks you in instantly. I like the seeming simplicity, yet concurrent complexity of it. I find that a lot with Arcade Fire's music.

4. Eugene McGuinness | Fonz
On first hearing this the energy really captured me and I also found the lyrics quite amusing. It's a song I return to a lot when I'm not sure what I want to listen to.

5. Chapel Club | Five Trees
We loved touring with Chapel Club - Lewis is one of the best lyricists around at the moment. This track used to be stuck in my head all the time on that tour so when I hear it it reminds me of those two weeks.

6. Felix Mendelssohn | Violin Concerto In E minor, Op. 64 (Played by Isaac Stern, Philadelphia Orchestra)
One of my favourite violin concertos - when in the right mood it is one of the best pieces of Music to listen to. It was a piece we played in an Orchestra I was in and I have loved it ever since.

7. Villagers | Becoming A Jackal
When I saw Conor O'Brien perform this solo on Jools Holland I was blown away. I bought the album straight after the show. I like the sinister nature of Villagers' music, yet the frequent jovial nature of their delivery.

8. Amerie | 1 Thing
When I was younger I used to connect lots of different speakers and amps together to see how loud I could get it when my parents were out. When I finally got it to work this song came onto the radio which I had the speakers connected to - it was a triumphant moment. The groove of this track always makes me smile.

9. Dizzee Rascal | I Luv U
Growing up in London I had always been aware of Hip Hop/Rap (mostly American), but Grime seemed to connect with people on another level. Dizzee of course was not the first ever Grime artist but he did bring it into the public consciousness which was important.

10. John Martyn | Solid Air
I was fortunate enough to see John Martyn play live shortly before he died. Listening to this now reminds me of sitting in awe watching him play.