WARMER MIXTAPES #556 | by Greg Nelson and Gavin Rhodes of Lightouts

SIDE A | by Gavin Rhodes

1. The Cure | Push
One of my top-5 Cure songs. This is one of those Cure songs that show the stereotypical perceptions of the band as all keyboards, gloom, and doom are so wrong. One of the best guitar driven Pop-songs of all time. Soaring, anthemic, wistful, it's just amazing to me. This guitar riff alone was hugely influential in my development on the guitar. A smile to hide the fear away / I'll smear this man across the walls / Like strawberries and cream. I just wept a little.

2. The Horrors | Endless Blue
Probably my top track of 2011. It's got a long instrumental intro that almost loses you, but then there's the tempo change. Oh the tempo change. Fucking righteous. Psychedelic Furs-esque vocals, growling, raspy guitars, spacey bass groove, atmospheric ride cymbal... How can you not rock out to this?

3. Broken Social Scene | Cause=Time
The song that sold me completely on BSS. The production is awesome - half Lo-Fi, half "Good Vibrations" brilliance. There are so many subtle things going on that combine to give a sense of urgency that is palpable.

4. The Clientele | Since K Got Over Me
The perfect song for a chilly early winter evening. The vibrato guitar line, the descending bass line, a little Sloop John B rip off in just the right spot = a steaming mug of Melancholy Pop.

5. Death Cab For Cutie | Underneath The Sycamore
Best song on a hugely underrated album. Death Cab at the height of their Pop powers. Sparse verses coupled with an earworm chorus make a great song. Pitchfork gave this album a 5.0 - get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. This was one of the best of 2011, no question.

6. Spoon | Out Go The Lights
Hands down the best produced album of 2010. It's all very subtle, but it's perfect. Listen to the space they make on this song. It's immense and each part has its own stage and immediacy. The section from 2:48 on is awe-inspiring.

7. Hepcat | Gimme Little Sign
I want this music playing after a Lightouts set. Drenched in sweat, still riding the adrenaline high of rocking every last drop out, then cut to this. Add cold pint and some hip-swaying cuties and we're good.

8. Darker My Love | Two Ways Out
Psych-Pop at its best. Great fuzzy guitar bed with a chimey lead and soaring vocal harmonies. It's like the first steps outside on a sunny day after smoking a joint.

9. Silversun Pickups | Kissing Families
Easily could have been a song on The Smahing Pumpkins Gish. Off-kilter phrasing, a nice mix of electric and acoustic guitar and a super fucking catchy chorus. Kills me everytime.

10. Ride | Twisterella
Jangly, bright Brit-Pop at its best. It's hard to Shoegaze with this song - you've gotta let it twist you around and around.

SIDE B | by Greg Nelson

1. The Replacements | Unsatisfied
Spent many a night in a dorm room smoking and acting reflective to this song.

2. Stevie Wonder | Heaven Help Us All
I could put the album Signed, Sealed, Delivered on at any time in any mood.

3. Lou Reed | The Blue Mask
I seriously think this is the most intense song and throbbing bassline I have ever experienced.

4. Pavement | Perfume-V
Lo-Fi production meets one of the great chorus melodies of all time.

5. Leonard Cohen | Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
Cohen’s ability to romanticize heartache defies logic.

6. Misfits | Skulls
We recently covered this to end a live show and I think I blew something somewhere.

7. Prince And The Revolution | Kiss
It is my dream to create Music that merges the aesthetic of Prince with the above-mentioned Misfits.

8. Van Morrison | Into The Mystic
Rocks my Gypsy soul.

9. The Smashing Pumpkins | Jellybelly
The crescendo bit about 2:30 is a magic Rock & Roll moment.

10. T. Rex | Bang A Gong (Get It On)
This is just one of those songs I remember hearing at a very young age and realizing there might be something to this whole Rock Music thing.