WARMER MIXTAPES #577 | by Jesse Ruiz [amai/yungyachtmusic]

1. Nujabes | Hikari (feat. Substantial)
Jun sampled Ramsey Lewis’s Julia, and Substantial complimented it in a way that transcends most tracks. This song changed me when I was like 15 or 16, haha. Really fucked with my daily moods. But it was always on repeat, like honestly. I think it had over 530 in my iTunes alone. The structure and feeling this piece has directly influenced my life. Hikari will always be entangled in my roots.

2. Nujabes | Luv (Sic) Pt.3 (feat. Shing02)
This is the track that really put me onto Nujabes. I watched Samurai Champloo and liked the soundtrack but finally got sucked in when I came across this track. I was fiending for new music when I got tired of Jedi Mind Tricks and Atmosphere. The drums have the classic Nujabes feel while Shing gracefully places his words on the track. I remember driving through the canyons at like 2 in the morning straight bumpin this, haha.

3. Quasimoto | Low Class Conspiracy
This is Hip Hop to me. Catch me skateboarding to this. Catch me chiefin to this. Madlib and Lord Quas are cats that I will always be listening too. Whether I'm turnt up or chillin'.

4. Fat Jon | How You Feel
The Ample Soul Physician... After Jun Seba passed away I instantly was overcome with shock. Like a dream I still remember, it lingers. I never knew him, but I feel he knew me. Jun was gone and all I remember is this track in my head. Fat Jon was the one who taught Jun to become Nujabes.

5. The Bill Evans Trio | Polka Dots And Moonbeams
One of the first tracks under amai I made was Sun Among Midori. I sample the Bill Evans Trio like no tomorrow but this track is what started it, Polka Dots And Moonbeams. It gravitated to me like a Black Hole and Light. Stuck beneath my DNA this track will remain as a favorite of mine.

6. Minmi & Nujabes | Who’s Theme
Another great track from the great… Minmi’s singing throughout the track is like brail to the blind. Nujabes really did capture a Melancholy vibe in this song.

7. BUN | Kayoko
THANK YOU TRE for putting me on. BUN/Fumitake Tamura is family. My first physical release was a remix for him (Beat System Stereo). His music is very ritualistic. He is one of the greats in my eyes and this song is a sample to his genius.

8. BUN/Fumitake Tamura | Kite
BUNBUNBUNBUN... This is another solid track from Fumitake Tamura that affects me directly. It’s great to listen to and will show you, as a listener, the influence of Sound.

9. Evany | Itaewon Strollin
Good shit. God Music. Sensual taste to soothe your ears. Straight AZNVIBES from the homie. He is the most underrated and the most hated, hahaha.

10. Specifics | Under The Hood
Off Lonely City. Golden Boy and Think Twice are killing it up in Canada. I'm pretty sure their homie is a teacher at Oxford or something. Like, yo, how you gonna be a rapper and a professor at Oxford. That’s word. Anyways this is a track for University and is the theme song to many of my nights.