WARMER MIXTAPES #589 | by Mathias Modica [Munk] of Modica Trio, Fleischband, Pestalozzi Big Band, The Romantic Warriors, Ilk Steigner, Low Daddies and Leroy Hanghofer

1. MG | Fakewine (M.J. Edit)
It's a dirty House version of on old Soul classic. Coming up in October on new German label Toy Tonics. Sound like Marvin Gaye on Acid.

2. Rhode & Brown | Get High
Only A Deer Can Tell... Great EP by new kids from Germany.

3. Moullinex | Take My Pain Away
From Moullinex debut album coming up in winter. This is the first single. Everytime I play it everybody sings it, but nobody knows it yet...

4. Modern Romance | Everybody Salsa
It's Summer. And it's hot. And this fits always!! Since 1981.

5. Tambien | Compagnia
The Tambien Project 001 (Vinyl only)... 3 former Gomma employers and residents DJs at Gomma parties and their superweirdo super Disco super record. Find it, buy it!

6. Mirror People | Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Munk Remix)
I did this recently. They pressed it on red vinyl. Looks so cool. Sound nice. Makes people smile...

7. Telonius | Out
My partner Telonius is on the roll... So nice... His last track!!

8. Pollyester | Concierge D'Amour (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
A very nice remix of an even better track...

9. Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca | Space Scribble
Italians Cosmic legend teams up with Italy's No.1 producer. Great new album.

10. Idjut Boys | One For Kenny
Since the mid nights these guys make the fattest edits. Before the current edit hype they were doing it... And afterwards they will do too. And they'll always win...