WARMER MIXTAPES #600 | by Rob Stapleton [Stapleton] and Andy Haeffele [Crystal Clear] of Major Look

SIDE A | by Andy Haeffele

1. The Doors | Riders On The Storm
...But frankly pick any Doors tune and that’ll be fine... If you don’t like The Doors then we can’t be friends I’m afraid. I was originally introduced to the song by my Mum who’s a big Doors fan. This tends to always be the soundtrack to me driving home from gigs. I’ve yet to find a band that sounds anything like them. Wish they were all still alive/making Music.

2. DJ Biggs | The Hunter
I can pretty say that this tune got me into Jungle. My mate’s brother Sam played it to us on the AWOL EP that was recorded live at Ministry. Me and his brother Will were into Rock at the time. I remember hearing the tune drop and the whistles and horns go mental and GQ shouting some noise! and thinking I want to be a part of that!

3. Booker T. & The M.G.'s | Green Onions
This really made me understand about Motion in Music and how things can be loose but tight at the same time. Sounds strange I know, but listen to this and you’ll understand. The slightest of shuffle in the beats but the killer organ hook rolling bang on the beat. Effortlessly cool. I heard it was written for piano but all Booker T. had at the time was an organ so that’s how it ended up. Love that!

4. Dismantle | Computation V.I.P
Such a killer tune, this has been my “get out of jail free” DJ tune for about a year and I still love it. The bit when the half time snare comes in… Oooph!

5. TNGHT | Bugg’n
The sound of Hud-Mo and Lunice locked in some freaky room with a dripping tap. Another one for the loose but tight category. Top flight production on this that just makes me screw up my face!

6. Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas | Beat Down (feat. Iggy Azalea)
Moombah vibes from Aoki! Been dropping this in DJ sets lately and love the bashy bass on it. Iggy Azalea sounds proper sassy on it too.

7. Tom Tom Club | Wordy Rappinghood
If you can stop yourself nodding your head to this then you’re a better person than me. Kind of a pre-cursor to Alt-Rap - this is Tina Weymouth at her weird finest. Another killer synth hook too!

8. Sia | Little Man (Wookie Remix)
This tune reminds me of being in The Gas Club in London with my mate Al (who was always a big Garage fan). Wookie was streets ahead of so many Garage producers at the time and turned his mix into a Garage classic. Love Sia’s vocals on everything too. Would love to get her on a tune!

9. Joe Jackson | Steppin' Out

I guess this is just straight up 80’s Pop but it’s got such a dreamy feel to it. Some would say Joe Jackson is a poor man’s Gary Newman, I’d say this is a great tune.

10. N.W.A | Straight Outta Compton
What an intro to an album!!! This has one of the best uses of an Amen break EVER!

SIDE B | by Rob Stapleton

1. Led Zeppelin | Stairway To Heaven
Such an amazing piece of work by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. To think this was around almost ten years before I was born truly amazes me. Without doubt one of the greatest Rock songs of all time.

2. Curtis Mayfield | Pusherman
A true pioneer. Again released in the 70’s. This is my Sunday morning music. I go out, get the Sunday papers, and play this while I prepare breakfast. Love it!

3. Gill Scott-Heron | I’m New Here
I have always been a sly fan of Poetry so it was natural for me to come across Gill Scott-Heron at some point. So when he bought out I’m New Here on Richard Russell’s XL Recordings in 2010 I had to buy it. This might sound strange but I’m really intrigued by the Depth and Sadness of his art. This also reminds me of a mate who was such an inspiration to me at a time in my life when things were not going so well.

4. Bonobo | Stay The Same (feat. Andreya Triana)
Was blew away when I first heard this song. I love Andreya’s songwriting and voice, a truly talented individual. Check the live performance here.

5. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix | Oblique (feat. Frank Carter III)
What an amazing Drum And Bass track, I can listen to this on repeat for tiiiiiiime!

6. LSK | Life Without You
If I ever get married this will be my wedding song!

7. Jehst | England

The perfect way to sum up the state of England today. Was luckily enough to meet and share a cab with him in Croatia on the way to Outlook Festival in 2011. To finish it off I got to see him perform on the main stage, a truly memorable experience.

8. Rage Against The Machine | Testify
From the Battle Of Los Angeles album (2000). No one can FUCK with RATM. Straight up Rawness. I love what they stand for and Tom Morello is a bawse.

9. Otis Redding | (Sittin' In) The Dock Of The Bay
This reminds me of my favourite restaurant while at University in Southampton. I will never forget taking my Mum & Dad out for dinner and getting absolutely shit faced! Great times, Great memories.

10. Liam Bailey | When Will They Learn

The badman from Nottingham that everyone knows from Chase & Status’s massive hit Blind Faith. Anyone who really knows me, knows that this is me all day long. Simple and effective. This track isn’t out yet but should be getting a release on an American label based in New York.