WARMER MIXTAPES #609 | by Marius G. Mevold [Mindflow/Slick Shoota]

1. The Prodigy | Jericho
It's the first track on their debut album Experience. When I first heard this album, my life changed. I remember a friend borrowed it to me, and I was playing it on repeat forever. It completely changed the way I listened to Music. It was different to anything I had ever heard, and the whole album made me want to be a producer myself. Jericho has lots of elements and samples in it, constantly changes throughout and is just one massive warehouse vibe. Prodigy is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. To be honest I could probably put every track on this album on this list, I won't though, would be kinda boring, wouldn't it.

2. Omni Trio | Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
This is my all-time favorite Jungle tune. I remember finding this on a random hit-compilation cd, between all the turds came this absolute beast of a tune. This was some time after I was hooked on the Prodigy. So this tune led me through Jungle to Drum & Bass which is the genre I grew up loving the most. This tune defines what Jungle is about for me. Essential.

3. Polar | White Walls
+ The White Chambers... Polar (also known as K)... From his 2001 album, Still Moving. This is actually two tracks, but they go together seamlessly. It's one of the most Emotional pieces of Music I've ever heard, and I nearly become an Emo every time I listen to it. Polar is also Norwegian, and it was his work with Teebee that made me check his solo stuff. Hopefully someone who reads this discovers him as well. He has serious Tinnitus now though, so he doesn't do much Music these days. His albums are awesome, but if you can spare 10 minutes, these are the tracks to check out. You won't regret it.

4. Todd Edwards | Shut The Door (Original Vocal Version)
When I discovered Todd Edwards I was really into Drum N Bass, and around 2001-2002 everything was kinda Dark. I wasn't into much House at all, but when I heard this track I fell in love with it. Intro is nothing but drums, but when the chopped synths and vocals drops, it's so feel good I can't help but smile. I play this tune out still, I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. Todd Edwards is a legend still going strong, but for me this is his brightest moment.

5. Teebee & K | Cherokee
My top 10 wouldn't be complete without a Teebee tune. He is a true legend in my eyes. The fact that he was very young when started out, and him being Norwegian as myself was very inspiring to me. Now this particular tune is from 1999, and it's great to see him still do big things to this day. I've always had a weakness for smooth Jungle pads in Music, and the intro in this track is a perfect example of just that. It's a journey of a tune starting out with the pads and dropping into supercrisp breaks and bass. When the flutes come in it just completes it perfectly. If I ever was to sequence an airplane movie-scene, where the character looks all dreamy out of the window and to the sky with a sunset… I'd pick this tune.

6. 4hero | Spirits In Transit
I remember my older sister playing this album, she was always playing me new music when I came over to visit, and this track has stuck with me since then. It was released in 1998 on their Two Pages album, and is for me the standout track. I applied to the Red Bull Music Academy this year, and there's a question on the application that goes something like What track would you play if your girlfriend's parents come over? or something like that. This is the track I would play. Whatever music you are into, I think this track is hard to dislike.

7. Ed Rush + Optical | Bacteria
The Virus Recordings sound is unmistakeable. The tracks they put out around the millennium was just immense, and I love the energy in them. One thing I love about their tracks from this era is that besides the sick basslines and breaks, they always added tambourines/percussion after 16 or 32 bars that lifted the track even more onwards and upwards. It's a well used formula for Drum & Bass producers, but Ed Rush & Optical are the champs of it. Bacteria is a perfect example of exactly that.

8. Mr. Oizo | Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog
I guess I could put Flat Beat in here, but I won't. Flat Beat was the track that made me buy the whole album though. For a petty 3$ in a bargain bin, it was one of my better finds for sure! Some really good tracks on it, and some very weird ones. Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog is my favourite. It's the really snappy snare, the short guitar lick and small female vocal chopping that does it for me.

9. Bentley Rhythm Ace | Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out
I can't remember how I caught on to them, but they had some success around 1997 when big beat was the cool thing. This was the lead single of their self titled album and was a big summer tune for me when I was 13-14 years old, so it definitely brings back memories. The album is full of weird tracks and weird track titles as well. It was their ability to blend different styles and weird tune structures that had me baffled. I still occasionally here this tune on the radio, and it always take me back to the time I was young and on a constant search for new influences.

10. Erykah Badu | On & On
It's a tie between this and Appletree. I listened to this On & On cd-single a lot, which also features an awesome Blu Mar Ten remix. I really love the atmosphere in her tunes on the Baduizm album, it's sweet R&B with a melancholic atmosphere. Something to chill out and just vibe to.