WARMER MIXTAPES #615 | by Miruna Mănescu [Shaka Muv]

1. Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody
And I chose this song in the first line because there isn't another band in this world that could remind me of my childhood the way they do. There were lots of Queen tapes in my family and this song... This song is like Music's masterpiece, the supreme melody that has ever been created. Period.

2. Edwyn Collins | A Girl Like You
This song to me is my absolute fantasy on how a man sees a woman, in all her Womanity, in all her Voluptuousness.

3. Julie London | Cry Me A River
Julie London and her music mostly represent everything that I want to be in my secret second life.

4. Lana Del Rey | Blue Jeans
It kind of talks about some lost love and it tells the story in an Indie-Depressive-Pathological way, which is kind of cool. What's not to love about a Love song, about Love's tragedies?

5. Erykah Badu | On & On
Well, Erykah is simply amazing, she is a goddess, but what I love about this song in particular is its groove.

6. Norah Jones | The Prettiest Thing
It makes me feel like home. I sit and listen to this song and I immediately imagine myself in my very home, with my parents, my family and my cats.

7. Ginuwine | Pony
Ginuwine is the boss of Old-School R'n'B. Another song that makes me feel sexy, makes me move my hips slowly like it doesn't even matter how I look.

8. Duffy | Stepping Stone
This one reminds me of being no one's stepping stone, 'cause when you really love someone, you find it extremely difficult to give up on that specific person, even though it has turned you into someone you hardly recognize.

9. Jace Everett | Bad Things
Bad things puts you in the mood for bad things.

10. Kings Of Leon | Closer
The reason I love this song is because it makes me imagine some creepy sexy things, like those happening in the TV show True Blood.