WARMER MIXTAPES #657 | by William Hamparsomian [wusty/Dream Curtain] of Another Nation's National Anthem and Ruset

1. Molly Nilsson | Wounds Itch When They Heal
I recently came out of a tiny Molly Nilsson obsession that started when my friend showed me her song Hey Moon. Wounds Itch When They Heal is in contrast to Hey Moon a really Powerful and Dark song.

2. John Maus | No Title (Molly)
Molly Nilsson's song Hey Moon is also on John Maus' album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves. No Title (Molly) is from John Maus' collection of rarities album from last year and finding out there is a connection between them makes me think that this song probably is about her. This fact somehow makes me very happy. I liked the song before discovering Nilsson but it managed somehow to get even better afterwards. It's interesting how facts and/or histories can change or enhance a feeling of a song.

3. Ducktails | Art Vandelay
This song is so warm and Lo-Fi and with a Sloppiness to die for. It's like Nirvana unplugged with phasers everywhere.

4. Panda Bear | Ponytail
Panda Bear is a big influence on me and Ponytail is really beautiful with a Pulsating Feeling that can last for hours after listening to. I really like how the three elements (Guitar, Kick Drum and Singing) go so well together.

5. The Radio Dept. | Keen On Boys
The album Lesser Matters meant much more to me when I was 17 but from time to time I pick it up again and am instantly hit by Melancholy. This song is one of my favorites and a big inspiration Musically.

6. John Frusciante | Someone's
Another favorite from my Teen Days. In retrospect I can see how I'm such a sucker for the Lo-Fi sound. Frusciante's early 00-era is filled with what in my ears is Pure Feeling and this song, oh, my God. I had periods when I played the album To Record Only Water For Ten Days almost from beginning to end on my acoustic guitar.

7. Skriet | F├ąglarna
I think this is my favorite Swedish song.

8. Lower Dens | Two Cocks
The intro has such an Old-Classical-Music vibe. I can't put my finger on it but I must have heard something similar from my parents record player when I was a kid. Anyhow it is an awesome song that makes me want to put chorus effects on everything and I have to restrain myself from doing that too much.

9. Boards Of Canada | Roygbiv
I discovered BOC pretty late (in 2007) when I was reading YouTube comments of the song All I Need by Radiohead. Someone pointed out that the base line was a total ripoff of Roygbiv and that made me check it out. I think the commenter was pretty right although I like both songs almost as much.

10. Deerhunter | Agoraphobia
This is the perfect Pop song and one of my favorite songs ever. I have no stories, no words that can describe what goes on in my mind while I'm listening to it.