WARMER MIXTAPES #660 | by Julie Budet of Yelle

1. Art Of Noise | Moments In Love
Fantasy, Modernity, Beauty, that is all I love & this song’s probably the biggest influence for my new single L’Amour Parfait!

2. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
I first came across Kate Bush as a child, I was about 7 or 8 years old, on a hot summer night, I was going on holidays, this song played on the radio in the car and I got shocked! I fell under its charm right away.

3. William Sheller | Le Carnet À Spirales
Now for the record, this is the kind of French Pop that inspires me!

4. François Budet | Loguivy De La Mer
My father, my hero, this is the song that launched his career, and it actually became something like a (regional) treasure in Brittany, an anthem for Bretons!

5. Phil Collins | In The Air Tonight
I have to admit I LOVE Phil Collins, this song’s so intense, it’s incredible. There’s Tension, Resolution in there, and, oh, those drum breaks!

6. Oliver | Night Is On My Mind
This is the brand new track from my friends Oliver, when you hear that in a club, you’re over the Moon!

7. Thomas Azier | Red Eyes
He is soooo talented, he writes, composes, produces and this voice of his, this VOICE!! I predict he’ll make it big in the near future, watch out!

8. Paul Simon | Getting Ready For Christmas Day
Love how the Acoustic guitar parts are treated in here, super Modern and Weird at the same time. Ah, when the eldests are innovators!

9. Everything Everything | Cough Cough
This is my crush at the moment, I think I’ve listened to that song a million times already. I can’t wait to see them live!

10. Maelstrom | House Music (Boston Bun Remix)
You’ve got to play that one very loud! The atmosphere is incredible, there’s Dance & Attitude in there. Boston Bun’s so talented!