WARMER MIXTAPES #662 | by Dimitris Nassios [Quasamodo/The Q Orchestra] of Smokey Bandits

These are some of the songs that occupy a permanent seat on my soul's train and always seem to make my heart beat a little faster every time I hear them.
They are in no specific order.

1. Erik Satie | Gymnopédie No.1 (Played by Pascal Rogé)
I was introduced to Monsieur Satie by a friend and was absolutely mesmerized. It seems as though he describes Love through Music in a way that still has still to be surpassed.

2. Wojciech Kilar | Mina/Dracula
Watching Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula without Kilar's compositions would be like watching The Wall movie on mute.

3. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi | Two Against One (feat. Jack White)
The latest song to make my top songs list. A masterful collaboration of Talent, Poetry and Music.

4. EMF | Unbelievable
The EMF was my British answer to my Red Hot Chili Peppers loving American schoolmates Cockiness. GO English Mutha'uckas!

5. The Raconteurs | Steady As She Goes
After watching Jack White's It Might Get Loud documentary a couple of years ago, Steady As She Goes caught my attention. And still hasn't let go! Incredibly Tight and Harmonious song.

6. America | A Horse With No Name
This was actually an iTunes suggestion (I'm terrible!). Pressed play, heard the lyrics and was hooked. Simplicity never sounded sweeter.

7. Bill Withers | A Lovely Day
Heard this through my dad's record collection back in the 80s and has calmed my nerves many mornings ever since. It's a wonderful World indeed but we need to focus on having a lovely day once in a while.

8. Christina Aguilera | Ain't No Other Man
Before hearing this on the radio you would never hear the words Christina Aguilera coming out of my mouth, but when a Mainstream Pop artist takes a chance on something different and nails the crap out of it that's always good in my book!

9. Ugly Kid Joe | Cats In The Cradle
This is a song I heard on MTV back when the M stood for Music. I'm not sure what it stands for now. What son hasn't had father issues? And what better way to hear both sides than this Lyrical Masterpiece?

10. Pink Floyd | Comfortably Numb
It's stupid to name just one Pink Floyd song in this list but I feel Numbly Comfortable in doing so. Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying are some of the most powerful lyrics ever written.

+11. The Prodigy | Weather Experience
Everything from Weather Experience to present day. I am a Liam Howlett fan. Period.