WARMER MIXTAPES #664 | by Sinah Blohberger [SINAH]

1. Bonobo | Ketto
If I had only one song to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Pure Perfection!

2. Clams Casino | Waterfalls
Very Unique Production and Absolutely Beautiful. Even sober you'll be tripping on this stuff.

3. Jai Paul | Jasmine
I can't find any new releases. The tracks he released definitely took a part in my heart though!

4. Jacaszek | Lament
I saw him perform in London about 2 years ago and without doubt it's been the most Intimate and Inspiring show I've ever seen. I found it Impressive how they didn't need any additions such as Visuals or a show to keep the audience interested. Everyone was silent throughout the entire 1 hour performance... The musician's Love for Sound and Precision that they embodied was convincing enough for everyone to listen.

5. A Perfect Circle | Vanishing
They were my ultimate band when I grew up. I even carry a little tattoo of their sign. This particular track is Complete to me. The track and especially the bass sound carries me away every time.

6. Bat For Lashes | All Your Gold
After watching the video for the song I started giving it more thought and realised what it's all about (or at least I think I have). It really resonates with me and the video fits so perfectly well. A very honest song with an Amazing Production.

7. Daughter | Run
Very Sophisticated Songwriting on four chords. A good song that comes from the heart doesn't need anything else and goes deeper than an Electronically Polished track sometimes. Very moving.

8. 9mary | If You Can't Love This All Goes Away
Not many know of her yet, but that should change soon. I recently did a remix of the track and am excited to share it soon. The original tune is a bundle of Pure Feeling. Her voice and Songwriting creates Pure Feeling and stays with you.

9. Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pool (Drank)
Reminding me of my year in Brooklyn where it would have been more appropriate maybe to listen to this music. Very Inspiring Production and great Rapping/Songwriting.

10. Lorn | Bretagne

+11. Mr. Little Jeans | The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)
I wish I had written that track! Pretty and Dark...