WARMER MIXTAPES #674 | by Kevin Gleeson and Paudie Bob of Ghosts

SIDE A | by Paudie Bob

1. Marvin Gaye | Let's Get It On
Well, everybody knows this tune. It's been parodied in any Funny, Sexy or Romantic scene in every film ever. I downloaded a best of Soul collection, came across it and properly listened to it on headphones. It’s just Amazing. There’s no real structure to the song, it's just Marvin wailing about how much he loves this woman and wants to make sweet passionate love to her for 3 minutes. (Song length). Some of the little melodies in it are just Beautiful. It never gets old. I can dig it.

2. Kanye West | Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
I heard this song when I bought the album. I became a huge Kanye fan after 808 & Heartbreaks was released. This song is just so Believable because all the stuff he talks about in the song is something you can imagine, something such an Egomaniacal person would do. It’s him really getting Personal. I appreciate that. The song itself is Beautiful. String arrangement is Fantastic, and some Mind-Blowing Production. One of my All Time favorites.

3. The Strokes | Someday
I love The Strokes but there’s something about this song. I can throw it on anytime and it makes me smile. It just cheers me up. The song just has an air of Nostalgia about it I suppose. Julian’s voice is like butter. So smooth.

4. Sigur Rós | Ára Bátur
This song has a very Funny anecdote attached to it in regards to how I heard it. Kevin was going through a huge Sigur Rós phase and played their albums non-stop. I said they all sounded the same 'cause I wasn't really into them and I knew it would annoy him. We were eating some Fast Food or something in the car when this came on. No one said anything, we both just listened to the song, and 8 minutes in when the song reaches its climax, tears were rolling down my face. Not many songs have done that to me, but it was especially Funny in this case considering the context and the teasing I got after.

5. The Weeknd | High For This
I heard this in one of my friend’s cars. He was telling me about how this guy, The Weeknd, is bringing R&B back. Needless to say, when he started singing I was hooked and when the chorus came in every hair on my body stood up! The Production on this song and the whole EP is just second to None, Top Notch and Shamelessly Inventive. He’s singing about trying to get some groupie to do drugs with him but she's very Apprehensive about the whole thing, but he does it in the most Beautiful way. There’s something so Sinister about his charm that I just fucking love.

6. TNGHT | Higher Ground
I had heard this once or twice before Electric Picnic and forgot about it. But, Jesus Christ, I’ll remember it after hearing it with my ear to the speaker, Front and Center at the Electric Picnic. It has to be the Filthiest, Darkest, Most Aggressive Hip-Hop track ever composed. You would be expecting a producer like Hit-Boi to make something so Absolutely, Shamelessly Hip-Hop. So, when you find out it's a white lad from Glasgow it just makes it all the sweeter. This song was the best song at the Picnic this year. It completely made my weekend and I’ll always remember it for that reason.

7. Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody
I can't actually decide on a song. Whatever mood your in, there’s always a Queen song that’s Perfect. The MAMAAAAA OOOOOOOOO in Bohemian Rhapsody breaks my heart every single time I hear it. The fact that Don’t Stop Me Now was just five lads in a room with a few vocal overdubs just makes me bow my head in Reverence and also makes me sick at the way Pop Music has gone. People aren't talented anymore. That makes me appreciate bands like Queen so much. They made the Best, Most Important, Most Influential Music with the mindset of just writing Pop songs and to get famous. Just goes to show Pop Music can be amazing.

8. Grizzly Bear | Two Weeks
I've seen Grizzly Bear Live twice now and both times, Two Weeks was the highlight of each set. It’s just one of those Summer songs that gets everyone going. The harmonies are Crazy. Grizzly Bear are ones for the Crazy Harmonies. The piano is so Cheery and Distinctive, it's Simple and Uplifting and it just cheers me up when ever I hear it.

9. Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz  | Mercy
Definitely my favorite song of the year. It’s just a piece of Wonderful Production right from the start. The Obscure vocal sample grabs your attention straight away and then this monster 808 beats drops and shakes your speakers and your chest. All the rappers involved rap their best verses on this track. It’s like every verse is a chorus. Then there’s the bridge. It sounds like the Crystal Maze Entrance Theme on Acid. The Chord Progression is so Strange but Brilliant. Then there's the strings that come in over the beat that just don't belong on a Hip-Hop track, but somewhat still work. It’s just Brilliant. I can’t do it Justice in the written word.

10. Radiohead | Nude
This song. Probably my favorite. It’s just the greatest band in the World at their Lurid best. The song is so haunting. Thom Yorke’s vocal. The bass that keeps the song afloat. It gives me chills just talking about it. The guitar part is just so Mind Numbingly Beautiful and the note Yorke hits when he says you’ll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking makes me sad that I'll never hear anything that beautiful again... (But, hey, I'll keep searching). Also the opening part of the song is the end of the song played backwards or vice versa (well, never know), which is Brilliant. Nigel Godrich is one of my favorite producers, if not my favorite. By the time the song is over it makes me want to give up Music, 'cause you just get this feeling of why bother?... I’ll never be that good. I’ll never write something that amazing. But such is Life and I digress.

SIDE B | by Kevin Gleeson

This list was very hard to make. Had to pull my hair out and leave out some Crucial tunes. It represents an unfair Demographic of what I listen to. This list is filled with really slow Ambient Music, but to be honest I normally listen to a lot Dancier Music than this list may lead to believe. Hope you enjoy.

1. Burial | Ashtray Wasp
Trying to settle on a single track that embodies my love for this artist’s music was quite difficult. It’s only the last 2 and a half minutes of this 12 minute piece that I’m concentrating on here. It showcases how well he can work with Composition, Chords, Melody, etc., as well as his use of Ethereal Ambiences and Rhythm. It hovers well outside the realm of Electronic Dance Music. Earth Music. It makes you wonder why you would ever use Generic Drum Machine sounds and Cheezy Synths in your own productions. Everything should be Natural. He’s the King for me. My number 1.

2. James Blake | Not Long Now
Similarly to Burial, I like this artist so much because he knows how to make something completely New and Innovative. This song has everything for me. So Minimal yet so Intense. The melody and chords are Flawless. I don’t think I’ve ever had my jaw as much on the floor as much as when I first heard the drop at 3 minutes. Well done, James.

3. Radiohead | How To Disappear Completely
If it weren’t for Radiohead I probably wouldn’t be producing Electronic Music. I wouldn’t know any of the other artists on this list. For me they were the first bridge from Writing Music on a piano or guitar to Composing it in front of a computer screen. I originally had chosen Videotape and don’t know why I changed it. And why the hell didn’t I pick Motion Picture Soundtrack? I don’t know. I couldn’t settle on any, really. This list is hard.

4. Björk | Unravel
How does she wrap that melody around just two chords? It’s beyond me. Such Gorgeous Lyrics. She is the Queen of Electronic Music. One of the few artists I'd leave the country to see, which I did last June to see her preform at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. She cancelled three weeks before her appearance due to a nodule on her vocal chords. I Cried.

5. Sigur Rós | untitled #1 (a.k.a. Vaka)
I don’t really need to explain this one. Go listen.

7. Simon & Garfunkel | Benedictus
Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and a Cello. Some of the most Beautifully Arranged Vocal Harmonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. It’s a throw up between this or Evening Prayer from Hansel And Gretel. The character that some recordings from the 60’s have is Amazing. Its Crazy how Soulless Pop Music has become in terms of its Production. Imperfection is Beauty. Your mother ain’t shit.

8. Aphex Twin | Vordhosbn
I had to try so hard to make myself not choose Nannou 2 for this one, but as my list is already very full with Slow Cuddly Music I felt I needed to choose something more Abrasive of Richard D. James’s. The album Drukqs is such a beautiful piece of work. It's one you have to strap yourself to the chair for and force yourself to listen to, like a Graphic Horror Film. There are moments of Severe Hysteria immediately followed by moments of Harrowing Emptiness. At a Cinematic length of an hour and 40 minutes it does leave you with a Lingering feeling afterwards. Like you part of something that not a lot of others are and you feel better for the experience. Vordhosbn is a highlight from the more Chaotic Spectrum of the album. How does a Human Program something this Intricate and Sporadic? He doesn’t. He gets Machines to do it for him. That’s my theory.

9. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No. 5 (Played by Pascal Rogé)
He knows how to keep it really Simple. There’s never anything Overtly Complicated about his pieces. Chords and Melody. Like a Pop song. Simple, but yet so Beautiful. I always found it interesting that even though, Traditionally, Music in the Minor Key was thought to be regarded as Sad Music, the most Melancholic pieces are always in the Major. Food for Thought.

10. The Beatles | Strawberry Fields Forever
They did a lot of things fifty years ago that aloud us to do what we do now. I couldn’t leave them off the list. Had to cut some great tunes to keep them in. They invented Production for me and no matter what I listen to I always go back and take pleasure from their work. So many great things about this track that I love.