WARMER MIXTAPES #702 | by Adrien Viot [AV/VIOT]

1. Prince And The New Power Generation | Cream
This is my Madeleine de Proust, I always see myself as a little kid dancing like him in my bedroom. To me this guy was like a Comic Book character. Amazing Singer.

2. David Lynch | Crazy Clown Time
A True Genius, especially Making Films, but this album it’s Really Interesting, I like the Dark, Bluesy, Harrowing Atmosphere.

3. King Krule | Octopus
I don’t understand everything he sings, but I love his Look and his Accent, he really Touches me.

4. Bourvil | Chanson Anglaise
When I lived in Manchester I loved to put this song on for Brits to listen to, Always a Hit!

5. Alan Vega | Je T’Adore
The Spiritual and Rebel Son of Elvis with this song and its French Chorus, s'il vous plait, so Romantic

6. Juveniles | Strangers
I don’t always like French bands who sing in English, but these lads from Brittany are Amazing, they have a Genuine Pop Culture, it's in their blood...

7. Christophe | Magda
A Famous French Singer, just listen, it’s so Heavenly.

8. Mark Lanegan | Strange Religion
I probably Smoke to have the same voice as him, but it’s a Lost Cause. A Beautiful Song for Kissing a Girl

9. Death In Vegas | Hands Around My Throat
Definitely my favourite British band.

10 Joy Division | Atmosphere
Because I want this song to be played at my Funeral...