WARMER MIXTAPES #707 | by Samuel Iliffe [Ill Life]

Photos by Sam Mulvey.

1. Coki | Goblin
This is probably one of the first Dubstep songs I ever heard, and probably the Hardest, also it's pretty much First Vinyl I Ever Bought. I used to know all the words N-Type says over it in this radio rip.

2. Para One | Liege
Amazing Piece of Electronic Music, Complete One Off by Para One. Apparently it’s based on Frates by Arvo Pärt.

3. The Binary Collective | Sin Skin II
This is what I Imagine they would play on a Radio station in Blade Runner.

4. Directional Force | Alphalink
Pretty much just bought this but I already really like it, for 50p it was a bargain too. Needs Slowing Down though to Mix with Anything Else.

5. Fishguard | Untitled (B2)
Sleeper EP... This is actually 4 songs but I couldn’t really decide what was the best song from it, although I can only find one of them on YouTube. Definitely sounds Ahead of its Time.

6. Portico Quartet | Knee-Deep In The North Sea
My friend’s cousin played the Hang in this four piece, and seeing them was One of the Best Gigs I Have Ever Been To.

7. Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm
Definitely one of those songs for 3am Listening that Chills You Out. I think most producers of Electronic Music Owe Something to This Guy.

8. MPIA3 | Casual Welding
Off his first AVIAN release. I still think this is my favourite MPIA3 track and Perfect Example of the Whole Idea of the Alias: Completely Raw and Retro yet still sounding More Fresh Than Anything Made With Software. Must be played LOUD!

9. Sleep | Dragonaut
Dare Anyone To Not Head-Bang To This!

10. Blawan | What You Do With What You Have
Definitely One of the First Songs that Got Me into Techno Music, I also was Amazed when I found the sample in a Red Bull Music Academy video.