WARMER MIXTAPES #728 | by Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revell (Panther Pet) of Just Kiddin

SIDE A | by Laurie Revell

1. Black Box | Ride On Time
My First Memories of Music, on Holiday at the Kids Club Disco's. I actually have Video Footage of Me at the age of 4 Bopping About, Shrugging My Shoulders (Dancing) To This Track. Released in 1989, the Same Year I Was Born, and as I've just found out, the same day July 19th! Gifts Welcome.

2. Jethro Tull | My God
Grew Up listening to this band's Whole Collection. My Dad took me to concerts where the Lead Singer would Bust Out Crazy Flute Solo's. They had such a Huge Presence on Stage, it was a Proper Performance in Every Sense. I would Watch the Drummer with Amazement, after the First Show I knew I wanted to learn to Drum Myself, so I put together a Range of Cardboard Boxes, a Metal Trolly, and Stomped My Foot on the Ground as a Kick Drum. My parents put up with this for a About A Year, until they Allowed Me to Get a Real Drum Kit.

3. Aphex Twin | Flim
This for me Opened My Eyes Up to Electronic Music. I found that What I Liked About Rock could Transcend Genre and be Created Through Different Means with an often More Powerful Execution. This was the Beginning of my Fascination with Richard D. James's Work and Consequently my Exploration of Electronic Possibilities. I liked How His Music had Such Contrasting Vibes from Track to Track, from Frantic to Mellow, from Grotesque to Beauty, All Presented to Perfection.

4. Röyksopp | Sparks
The Melody A.M. album was On Repeat, Everywhere I Travelled for a Period of Time in my Teens. Every Time it would Take Me on a Journey Separate to the One I was Travelling. Such Smooth, Relaxing Compositions.

5. Daft Punk | Da Funk
Daft Punk's Homework album for me is Up There With The Greats. It has Inspired Me From the Beginning and Still Does Now. Da Funk was the First Remix I Attempted Back When I Was Producing With a Mate under the alias Panther Pet. This was our First Project together, Knowing Almost Nothing About Production. I had found a Remix Pack for it, containing Midi Files (the Notes and Melodies Used) which I Assumed Was How Remixing Was Done. So we went ahead and put their melodies, into Instruments Of Our (Not So Informed) Choosing. The Outcome was... Quite A Mess. To Be Kind. This far from Hindered Us though, We Went On to Produce Giants like Golden Claw, and Tail Whip.

6. Patrick Alavi | Power
I take a Lot of Inspiration from French House. It was Difficult to Take One Song to Sum Up my Appreciation for This Style, but Power, just Powers Through.

7. Proxy | Destroy
Went to see Proxy at Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, already loving the sound I was Really Looking Forward to Seeing It Live. It was Quite Early so the Tent Wasn't Very Full, and People Were All Just Finding Their Bearings. One Guy Came on Stage with a Macbook. The Sound that Proceeded to Blare Through These Huge Speakers Close to the Roof of the Tent Sounded like Thunder Cackling Through the Sky, Pumping to the Groove of the Beat. Sent Tingles Down My Spine.

8. Lil Wayne | With You (feat. Drake)
When I'm Chilling I Like Nothing Better Than To Take a Hot Bath, Have Some Red Wine, and Hit Up Some Smooth Beats.

9. Disclosure | Carnival
From the Moment I Heard This It Felt So Special. So Uplifting and Powerful. Still Has the Ability to Make Every Hair on My Body Stand On End.

10. Just Kiddin | Rayolas
Track 1 off of our first EP Seriously Pt.1. To sign our first EP was a Very Special Moment For Us. I Will Never Forget Dropping Rayolas at a Set We Did in France Shortly After the Release, and Everyone Going Crazy! To See Such a Reaction to Something We Had Created for The First Time Gave Me Such a Buzz. I Knew This Was What I Wanted To Do.

SIDE B | by Lewis Thompson

1. Just Kiddin | Paloma (Bit Funk Remix)
We were Lucky Enough to get Bit Funk to Work His Magic last year on our EP for La Valigetta titled Wildlife. I was actually Really Happy with the EP and Paloma was my favourite, when we got Bit Funk to remix this I Didn't Really Know What to Expect. I was Truly Blown Away When I Heard It, it's just So Beautifully Smooth! It's Honestly One of My Favourite Tracks from Last Year!

2. MAM | Crushed Ice
Pure Seduction. Enough Said.

3. SBTRKT | Never Never (feat. Sampha)
SBTRKT's album is One of my Favourite of Recent Times. His Style is So Unique, Imaginative and Versatile - he's a Massive Inspiration to Me. Sampha, one of his vocalists has Such an Amazing Voice too - just Listen to Those Harmonies.

4. Jeremy Glenn | New Life (Perseus 'Summer Of 83' Remix)
The Original of this Track is Amazing. Somehow, Someway Perseus has Bettered It. Turn This On One, Sit Back And Enjoy - 6 Minutes of the Deepest Bliss.

5. Delorean | Stay Close
I just really love Delorean's Style. This Song Makes Me Feel So… Uplifted. I Love the Happy Tropical Vibes, Best Enjoyed in the Sun with a Cold Beer to Hand. If Listening to This Can't Put You in a Good Mood, Maybe it's Time for Therapy?!

6. Jessie Ware | What You Won't Do For Love (Bobby Caldwell Cover)
I had to include a Jessie Ware track in here. Her album released last year was the Best in my opinion. I managed to get tickets to see her live in Leeds earlier this year at the Cockpit. It's was Such a Great Gig, So Intimate. One that I Won't Forget For A Long Time. I'd Love To Write Music For Her One Day.

7. Daft Punk | Make Love
The Ultimate Chill Out Song. Listen & Enjoy.

8. Cassara | The World Is Yours (Geisha Twins Remix)
This was sent over to me by Geisha Twins during a Pretty Hard Time In My Life, To Be Honest. It's a Cool Track, Nothing Groundbreaking but it Means a Lot to Me. It Made Me Really Think About What I Actually Want To Do With My Life. When I'm Old and Frail I Want To Be Able To Say I Gave It My All and This Song Helped Me to Understand This. If You're Reading This Now And Have Already Found Your Passion, Do Whatever It Takes To Make It An Integral Part Of You.

9. Shooter | Father
This Song has a Truly Special Place in My Heart. It was written by my Uncle about My Grandfather Who Sadly Passed Away Before I Was Born. It's a Beautiful Piece of Music That Will Be Part of Me Forever. Music has Always Been a Massive Part of My Family Life and my Uncle has been Hugely Influential in the Way I Write. I've actually just helped him set up his Home Studio Now and We're Working on a Few New Ideas Together, so Watch this Space!

10. Just Kiddin | Soul Drop
C'mon, I had to include 1 JK track. This is my Favourite Piece of Work to Date. It was just One of ThoseTracks That Was a Breeze to Write - it All Happened Really Quickly. I Never Really Make Music With Too Much Intention, it's Always just a Case of How I'm Feeling. The Vibe on This One Encapsulates What I'm About.