WARMER MIXTAPES #753 | by Jaime Tellado Alvarez [Jimboo/Jamie Northson/Skygaze]

1. Blur | Song 2
I was a kid when Blur released this hit. It was like my real first Musical obsession. I have listen this song hundreds of times and I think it still sounds Contemporary. The overall agressive atmosphere, the Albarn's Woohoo unforgetable trademark and that heavy guitar riff are my favourite things of this track. I think it's like an in your face-90's anthem, a glorious exception on Blur's career and on Brit Pop's history.

2. Deftones | Minerva
Maybe not my favorite Deftones' track, but the one I have an everlasting remembrance about. I was running to make my final school exams while listening this on my Disc-Man. I can even remember how I was dressed (orange tee-shirt, light blue Dickies trousers and Converse All Star shoes). It was an evanescence, but special moment. About the song, just say it's another Deftones masterpiece, Ambient guitars, epic vocals, lots of Energy.

3. Pixies | Where Is My Mind?
I have included this track 'cause it means a really funny moment in my life. I was trying to enter for free on Festimad 2003 festival in Madrid, but not for watching Pixies, I wanted to watch the Korn show, at that time Korn was a really important part of my life. Pixies were playing and then Korn would be closing the festival. I was with some friends asking ourselves how to get into without paying, cuz it was really expensive. We decided to jump the 3 meters high fence and, while we were like climbing the fence, Pixies where playing Live Where Is My Mind?. Absolutely glorious moment of Madness in my life.

4. Phoenix | If I Ever Feel Better
I remember I was one Summer listening this almost everyday, my brother gifted me with a iPod Nano and this track stayed inside for many years. This track is funny Funky-Pop stuff, it opened my mind into other kind of Music genres.

5. Nathan Fake | The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)
This track is like my beginnings on Electronic Music, I mean whenI decided to focus on this stuff and leave Metal, Rock, things parked for a while. So this song opened my mind to New sounds and other way of Feeling the Music. I discovered this track on the best club that the city of Gijon have had in my opinion, it was called Lofi. I was there with some friends and many substances around us and the DJ dropped this banger. Since then I started trying to make Electronic Music.

6. Ellen Allien & Apparat | Way Out
I can not listen to this song at the moment cuz it makes me feel some kind of Nostalgia feeling of those days that my soul can not hold. I trully Love all the elements of the song, those Magic vocals, the broken rhythm, the synths, guitars, all those Melodic layers fitting together in that dope way. Apparat is an incredible Musician.

7. Digitalism | Pogo
Pogo for me means getting drunk, jump in a club, late at night. I have asked the DJ to drop this track about hundreds of times in my life. Love the energy of the song, the Electro-Rock mixture, the Youthful vocals, the overall thing is really Epic.

8. Jackson And His Computer Band | Tropical Metal 
And the whole Smash album... OK, this is my favourite album ever. I love what this guy makes. I just remember listening this stuff in 2007's spring hundreds of times on my little terrace, and some kind of Magic moment always happened when this tune started, and then it was like those birds that Jackson sample on this song started to talk with birds that were flying near my house, and I was like in the middle of that conversation, maybe I was a bit stoned. I have choosen Tropical Metal cuz is like an IDM deconstruction of my own roots. I think that under all the layers of Electronics and broken beats, this is Pop, really Tasty and Intelligent (and danceable for me) Pop Music.

9. Lone | Rapid Racer
Since the main riff starts this song... It's a good prescription if you need to download Adrenaline. It has lots of layers that organicly flow into something straight, but Effective. The 909 snare pattern is dope in here.

10. Machinedrum | DDD
I have to include a song from Machinedrum cuz I've been listening to his Music a lot in the last 4 years, or at least it's what my last.fm says (he is the most scrobbled artist in my last.fm page). This is a move-your-booty song, House synths, straight Kick-Snare pattern and clever Vocal chops, Rythmically pasted with drums. I've chosen this song, but I could have chosen any other song from this guy, cuz he produces lots of awesome stuff.

+11. Pariah | Orpheus
This is my 2011 hymn, I Love all the elements of this track, those 2-Step drums, that Subby bass, the Thelma Houston vocals, the whole atmosphere created by the soft synths, the Balance is simply Perfect.

+12. Mount Kimbie | Carbonated
Well, this is a really Organic thing .When Carbonated climaxes, the sound of Rain comes into the mix and a sprinkle, not a downpour. That Field Recording and the soft synth paste together as one in a Perfect way, creating a stunning noise, which is accompanied with a Melodic-complex Rhythm pattern, and flows until some chopped vocals embellish the whole set, getting a truly Hypnotic Ambient masterpiece.

+13. HUIAS | Camino... Bosque
This song is from a band from my city, Gijon. I think they are the best local band at the moment. They do truly stunning stuff, mixing guitars and other Analog strings instruments with synths and Electronic Music tools, all accompanied with singer's beatful warmy voice. I think this is their best track. This banger has an unique atmosphere, where the vocals play an important role in combination with Dubby-Trip-Hop broken drums and all infected by a truly Deep-Dark-Glorious bass. When the track finishes I always cry out for more, I think it could be 1 minute longer and it still would be an incredible tune.