WARMER MIXTAPES #759 | by Marko Pelaic [Homeboy]

This is a selection of 10 tracks I truly Love from various genres.
Surely ten pieces I will still Love and listen in ten years from now.
There are a lot more, so this is just a small bit of songs I consider to be my favorites.
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1. John Coltrane | My Favorite Things (Mary Martin and Patricia Neway Cover)
Trane was my first true contact with Jazz and he is still one of my favorite artists. A Love Supreme was the first Jazz album I bought and it is my favorite Coltrane album for sure while My Favorite Things might be my favorite song. He is one of a kind, there are just a few people that could transfer their feelings and their soul directly through the instrument they played. His talent was unlimited and listening his saxophone playing is a bit of a Spiritual experience for me.

2. Steve Reich | Music For 18 Musicians
A Classical Minimalist piece that probably changed my perception of Music in general. It was after I heard that piece in High School when I seriously got into Electronic Music as well. It open my mind for Repetitive Rhythms and Melody Patterns. I think anyone who is getting into Music and trying to do it Professional should listen to this composition, it is a real Inspiration.

3. Willie Colón | Set Fire To Me (Latin Jazzbo Version) 
A track I heard when I stated to dig into the roots of Modern Dance Music. I think I got through it, while researching David Mancuso. It is such a Timeless piece and still works on any dance floor today. The combi of Electronic House beats and the Latin flavor is just right here. It was also one of the records I got from Speak Recordings. As they owed me some royalties for the release we did, I said to Henry Maldonado, the label manager, he can just send me a bunch of records I couldn't get in Croatia, this was one of them.

4. Rework | You're So Just, Just
I got really into House Music when I moved to Frankfurt for studies in the early 00's and this record was one of the hits at that time. Mostly all DJ's played it and it was a huge hit at Robert Johnson, alongside with a bunch of other records. But this is definitely one of those that stayed with me from that great period in this club. Memories...

5. C.J. Bolland | Carmague
It is a bit of teenage Rave guilty pleasure for me. I got to it at the Omaha Music store in Šibenik, which was the source for Music in the late 90-ties in the High School days. It wasn't a shop where you could find a wide selection of Electronic Music like this, though I taped anything I found interesting. It was a special deal with the guy who worked there. I would buy a tape at the store, give him the CD I'd like to be printed and he would do it for some extra cash. Anyways, one day he brought the Hardwax catalogue to the store and asked if I wanted to order something from it. As I didn't have a clue about any of the names there, The 4th Sign album was one of the things I just picked randomly. Still got the CD and I still give Carmague a listen from time to time.

6. Herbie Hancock | Nobu
I am a huge Herbie Hancock fan and it is impossible to pick a favorite. Nobu is a great track, it is essential Herbie stuff. Sadly the original vinyl is almost impossible to find, I have it on a CD Box which I bought years back in Frankfurt. I think the first time I heard Nobu was in a mixtape from John McIntire of Tortoise or something like that. I know Carl Craig referred to Nobu as the track that got him into doing Electronic Music and probably it is the first Techno track ever, if relating to Black Electronic Music. Long story short: It is a Masterpiece!

7. Jamie Lidell | Multiply
I was a big fan of Super Collider, the duo Jamie did with Cristian Vogel and I still consider it as one of the greatest Electronic projects, but I was always wondering if Jamie will do a Solo R 'n' B album, as his voice is simply made for the genre. When Multiply got released, my wishes were finally fulfilled. It's just a Classic album and this single will live on forever I think. The perfect song.

8. Cloud One | Atmosphere Strut
Soon you get seriously into House Music, Disco is one of the things you need to dig deeper. Patrick Adams is one of the first names that usually come up and it is for a good reason. His music is unique, he is master in arranging and his music makes people happy. Always a tip for anyone getting into Disco, check out everything Patrick Adams ever did!

9. Trans Am | Futureworld
A song I heard live for the first time at the Zedno Uho festival in Zagreb, in 98. I was playing in a band at that time and we visited Zagreb to record our first demo. I went with a friend to this concert and I was blown away. I think I never heard this kind of Music before and Futureworld was probably the first song I could listen, that used a Vocoder on the vocals.

10. The Congos | Fisherman
I never got warm with Jamaican Music for quite a while, probably because I thought it was all about Bob Marley and as I was always the Cool Underground kid since my teenage and student days, this type of Music was always too Popular or Commercial to me. Of course I got into things like King Tubby and I was inspired and amazed by the Production Technique and Sound of Dub Music, but those songs didn't really stick. When I went to Porin, the main discography award, which was my first and last contact with the Croatian Mainstream scene, I met Luka Barbić from T.B.F., a rather famous Croatian Hip Hop act. I guess we were both bored by the happenings on the event and hanged all day, talked Music and had fun. It was him who recommended me that The Congos album and since this record, I got heavily into Jamaican Music. Again, the Music and lyrics, Lee Scratch Perry's Production, the bands performance make Fisherman the perfect song.