WARMER MIXTAPES #776 | by Michael Kübler, Daniel Varga (She Lies) and Sascha Hérisson (Torben Denver Band/Les Quitriche) of Rework

SIDE A | by Daniel Varga

1. Kraftwerk | Die Roboter (Single Edit)
This was my first ever song from Kraftwerk that I heard. I was hanging around the bumper cars with my friends at our local fair in 1980 when the DJ played it. I couldn't believe that Humans can make such a Futuristic Sound. It was already released two years earlier, but for me it was the! New Sound. Loved Kraftwerk since then and forever discovering everything they did before and after. Now my kids are dancing to Kraftwerk in a Robotic style. It's big fun and obviously still catches ear today.

2. The Human League | Being Boiled
Heard this when I was 15 in a club called Roxy in Stuttgart. I knew this song before, but hearing it on a huge soundsystem made me understand what it's all about. I wanted to know how they made this Sound and in that summer, after working hard at the strawberry fields, I bought my first synth.

3. Prince | Sign O' The Times
For this great song Prince only needs his voice, a Minimalistic Arrangement and, of course, the killer Bassline. I purchased the album in Yugoslavia. It's a licence on a label called Jugoton, so the Socialists could listen to Prince too, thank God.

4. F.U.S.E. | Substance Abuse
When the hi-hat comes in, that's so special. And when the 303 arrives you freak out. Again you need a huge Club Soundsystem to understand what I mean. After hearing this I went to the Record Store and wanted every +8 Records release. This record was also a turning point for me as I noticed that Richie Hawtin produced his Music with gear that I could afford too. No big Studio necessary anymore, wow!

5. G-Man | Quo Vadis
Timeless groove. Just pitch it down a little bit for today's purpose. No White Noise nescessary. All Time Classic.

6. Todd Terje | Inspector Norse
If you know much about Music it gets hard to impress you with new stuff. It must be very special. This one's so nice I could cry. The girls will Love you when you play it. Norway, 10 points!

7. Jamie Jones | Frequencies
I like Positive Vibes on the Dancefloor. Another example of Fresh New House Music that never bores me because it's made in such a clever and charming way.

8. Laibach | Across The Universe (The Beatles Cover)
You can't do better than the Beatles. But this Cover version is worth listening. Beautiful transition.

9. Boards Of Canada | Reach For The Dead
Listened to this yesterday in my Studio with a long time friend. Instant Classic. How can they be so Unique? The Bassdrone gets so Physical. Never ever listen to this on Laptop speakers or iPhones, you will not get it. Instead turn on your Subwoofer!!

10. Basic Channel | Q 1.1/I
This is the Best Record Ever! Play it loud!!!

SIDE B | by Sascha Hérisson

1. Love | Alone Again Or
Love's album Forever Changes from 1967 is the one Sixties Masterpiece I can't get enough of. I inherited my Love for Sixties Music from my father, who played the bass in Stuttgart local band The Earls from 1965-69. When I was a teenager, my parents told me they never tried any drugs. But on my brother's 18th birthday my dad smoked weed and took an Ecstasy pill with the kids after we had told him it was similar to LSD. He got sick, but we were all feeling so good! This incident really opened my eyes+ears for Psychedelic Music.

2. Jackson C. Frank | My Name Is Carnival
To me, Jackson C. Frank's work is so touching I could cry whenever I listen to his songs. Many of them have been covered by great bands and artists I also like a lot, like Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, or Sandy Denny for instance, but never reached the Original's Depressive Deepness.

3. Kate Bush | Army Dreamers
When I first heard Kate Bush's voice on the Radio, I was a little kid who couldn't believe her ears! Now my voice is much lower than Kate's, but secretly I still identify with her. Army Dreamers with all its Machine Gun and Military Commando sounds still gives me the pleasant kind of creeps.

4. Mutter | Die Erde Wird Der Schönste Platz Im All
I came across the German band Mutter and their singer Max Müller as a teenager. They had already been around since the 80's (first named Campingsex) and released a couple of good albums, but when their album Hauptsache Musik came out in 1994, its style and title instantly spoke to me and my friend Eric. We thought we were the only teenagers who had that kind of Bittersweet sense of Humour and Desperation.

5. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
A great Pop song! I used to listen to the album Rumours on many Sunday mornings in Copenhagen with a big Love I had and that I totally fucked up. Whenever the song is played on the Radio I have to think of these happy Danish breakfasts knowing that I'm extremely silly not having called her ever since.

6. Grace Jones | I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
Played this at a very strange small party at a Theatre in Copenhagen, together with Anders Trentemøller. Another friend just told me that on this party, people were giving/having blow jobs on the Dancefloor.

7. Crayon Fields | Mirror Ball
You are still my mirrorball... I look at you and suddenly I'm a virgin in the dancehall. Nothing else to say.

8. Olivia Newton-John | Have You Never Been Mellow
It was Michael who hooked me up with this song. It's so catchy it will never leave me again. So whenever I want to Write a Song I first have to scare away Miss Newton-John in my head. Oh, and speaking of Scaring! A few months ago I watched a B-Horror-Movie on TV and the brainwashed Good (=Evil) kids were listening to this on a diner's jukebox.

9. Levon Vincent | Woman Is The Devil
Wow, this is so Raw it makes me wanna puke! But in the good+relieving way. I don't like all these Cheesy, Fluffy, Blabla House tunes they're now playing at every Hip Club and that hipsters Love to have for breakfast. I rather throw up as a Midnight snack. Probably, my dear bandmates Daniel and Michael think that I chose this track because it's about me. No, guys, I only once said that there were demons inside me, I'm no Devil at all!!!

10. Deerhunter | Basement Scene
Also very Raw. A great song that merges 50's/60's Teen Rock and Shoegaze. Thanks to my dear friend Elmar for showing me this piece.

+11. Pet Shop Boys | Home And Dry
We used to listen to Pet Shop Boys in Gymnastics when I was a kid. I just Love their Sound. I think that in those days, though it was totally Pop, the Sound was huge, a Real Gay Statement! Home And Dry is my favourite Pet Shop Boys video. Just mice running across the railway tracks. MTV banned the video after a week or so because they thought it was too boring.

+12. Yanka Dyagileva | Po Tramvaynim Rel'Sam
Or Янка Дягилева - По трамвайным рельсам... I used to listen a lot to Yanka, Grazhdanskaya Oborona and other Russian Punks together with Dima, the most annoying but extraordinarily lovable person I ever met. The song is about walking down the railway tracks.

SIDE C | by Michael Kübler

1. The Beach Boys | Darlin'
Guess The Beach Boys' Wild Honey was one of the first records I bought and I remember the moment when I listend to Darlin' for the first time. A song I had never heard anywhere before. Just beautiful. Years later I saw them Live in my hometown on an Open Air stage in a super perfect Summer Night. We climbed over the fence for Free Entrance and this one was on their playlist too. Endless Summer.

2. Christopher Cross | No Time For Talk
In my teens I guess I was not that cool... Everyone in my school listend to Punk and New Wave and I was the only LA West Coast Music fan in my school. On our School trip to London I dropped my favourite West Coast tape to the bus driver and thought everyone would like it. Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

3. Alton Ellis | Sitting In The Park
It's great that discovering New Music never ceases. Last year I heard about Alton Ellis for the first time. I was never that keen on Reggae and Rocksteady, but now I can't stop listening to his Music.

4. White Noise | Love Without Sound
We visited Thilo and Werner from Metabolismus in their Studio some years ago. We've never seen a place like this before. A peaceful spot in the Countryside packed with all the Analog gear and Synths we've always dreamed about. We were all sitting together in the early evening and they dropped this record. White Noise is David Vorhaus and BBC Radiophonic Workshop composers Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson. Experimental Electronic Music from the end of the 60's far ahead of their time. This blew my mind and I am still in Love with their Music.

5. Burt Bacharach | Something Big
Great Burt Bacharach song, Love to play this track at a small bar in Stuttgart called Mos Eisley.

6. Slowdive | Alison
Discovered Slowdive when they played in my hometown Stuttgart in the beginning of the 90's. From the first second I was caught by their Sound and this is still one of the best concerts I have ever seen and one of my favourite bands.

7. New Order | Age Of Consent
Love this album and the little bit of Hate in this song.

8. Tárkány Művek | Úgy Szeretlek
I used to live in Budapest for a while and this band made my days in Summer, playing a mixture of Folk and Traditional Hungarian Music. Even if I wasn't that good in learning the language, but Úgy Szeretlek means So Much I Love You and this is one of the few phrases I have learned.

9. Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra | Gloomy Sunday (with Johnny Hauser) (Pál Kalmár/Hal Kemp & His Orchestra Cover)
The Hungarian Suicide song was on the Index of many Radio stations, a sad beautiful song by Rezső Seress. I had the melody in my ears many times when I was walking the streets of Budapest alone. Many different versions of this song have been recorded, but for me this one is the most heartbreaking and intense.

10. ABBA | Thank You For The Music
At least one ABBA song in my list, thank you for ABBA.

+11. London Phogg | The Times To Come
A perfect Folk Sunshine Pop Harmony tune from the 60's on A&M. So sad that this band only recorded one single.

+12. She Lies | Needed You
Forgot to talk about the debut of two Berlin girls who are dear friends of mine. Innocence and Synths come together in a sweet way. Can't wait.