WARMER MIXTAPES #785 | by Ryan Bishop [The Beat Broker] of Broker/Dealer

1. Leon Lowman | Liquid Diamonds
Syntheseas was my favorite album of 2012. The albums title says it all. You can almost imagine him overlooking the sunny shores while composing these wonderful tunes. The album start to finish begins most weekends. This track sums up the album well I think, relaxing but upbeat. Melody hooks galore and the slickest Drum tracks... I love it! I was very lucky to find a listen on the Boxes Of Toys blog, there will be repress of Leon's tracks on Music For Memory out in 2013.

2. Laser | Planet Of No Return
Slow, dreamy and ominous track from Laser. I included in my first Cosmix mix ages ago, so it will always remind me of that mellow and tripped out vibe.

3. Rolf Trostel | Two Faces
Rolf's Unique Soft Spooky Hypnotic keys combined with straight Robot rhythm drums behind it get me hooked. Clocking in at 16 min, this track really has it all for me. The 2nd half of the track has such a Modern sound to it, still shocking this was composed in 1982.

4. Arpadys | Funky Bass
Space Funk defined. I obsessed on this album for years until I finally found an Original copy. It was a bit of a Holy Grail for me at the time. This was the Original track that led to the fascination, but the entire album is amazing. This then leads you down the Voyage and Sauveur Mallia family tree of Awesome.

5. Rinder & Lewis | Lust
Once I figured out who these guys were I was hooked. Mysterious two man Disco hit machine. This track was the first I'd heard and still as beautiful as ever. I was fortunate enough to do an interview with Lauren few years ago to get some back story. Enjoying their seemingly endless catalog for years to come.

6. Edgar Froese | Pinnacles
This was a very unique record for me at the time (1998) because of its style and length (22 min!). I picked this record up originally because it had an some weird New Age sticker from the previous owner. A few weeks after I was recovering in bed from a fractured rib and would let this track play and get up out of bed only to put the needle back to the beginning. Relaxing and Motivating. Later found out the other side of the record is amazing too.

7. Harold Faltermeyer | Fletch Theme
For some reason my parents recoreded this movie from HBO to a blank VHS when we first got a VCR. We must not have owned many movies and the tape would be around, so I would watch it often, enough to be able to quote scenes from it to this day. The soundtrack is basically engraved in my brain, the Theme is a Classic.

8. Future World Orchestra | Casablanca Nights
I'm a huge FWO fan. They remind me of a Magical Dutch Space Pop version of Hall & Oates. It's hard to pick a single fav, but this track is the Smoothest/Classiest of the two 80s albums. But wait, there's more, only in the last few years I found out their connection with the group the LIMIT... The Magic continues.

9. Master Plan | Pushin' Too Hard (Commercial Mix)
A dollar record that I've been playing for 10 years and will still keep playing. Never gets old to be me and always seems to be the right mood for the party.

10. Methusalem | Robotism
I think I jumped out of the chair when I first heard this Space Disco Classic. Has absolutely everything I want in a Dance track and more.