WARMER MIXTAPES #787 | by Roger Paul Rhodes III [The Deathless]/(Soursoul/Interrupt./Creepy Kids) of Suicide Forest

1. Cold Cave | Heaven Was Full
Cold Cave is perfect. This is the most beautiful Dark Wave Music that has ever graced my ears. Wesley Eisold (American Nightmare, XO Skeltons, Some Girls) makes me feel every gentle word he says. The Music literally makes me want to paint everything black. Heaven Was Full is a Classic example of passionate lyricism and a deep sound that will make you hold your breath. Its Honesty and Tenderness leaves you in a different state of being everytime you listen to it.

2. Ministry | Revenge
It's hard to believe how good this song is. Its hard driving Synths, intense energy, and Dark vibe makes for an amazing Dance number. I could listen to this song on repeat and have the best day just driving around, pumping my fist out the window. The Music Video makes me want to pierce one ear and wear a long dangely earring! The synth hooks in this song are unbelievable and always have me coming back. Big Inspiration to me.

3. Danzig | Soul On Fire
Danzig has had a lot of Influence in my life. His aesthetic and style is something that I have always admired. His intensly smooth voice over Rock N Roll chords are just too baddass. So much Evil. Danzig is the man. There really isn't much to say except... Danzig is the man.

4. Carole King | It's Too Late
My mom used to sing this song to me as I went to sleep. I got really into Carole King when I was reading about Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon (another amazing vocalist) and he cited her as a huge inspiration. Her voice is absolutely Angelic. This song always puts me at ease.

5. Future Islands | Long Flight
This band is insane. I'm a sucker for anything that resembles Joy Division. The more I listened the harder I fell in Love. I went to see them and there were only about 7 people there. They put on one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. I was literally blown away. The vocalist, Samuel, fronted the band with more energy than a cheetah. He was like a Choir director. You could see his passion through his dance moves. This song Long Flight is incredible. Great example of how Dramatic their sound is. Towards the end, Samuel actually sounds like HR from the Bad Brains with his passionate yelling. It is hard to imagine those kind of vocals over Post Punk, but go have a listen and see for yourself.

6. The Cure | The Exploding Boy
One of my first obsessions. Robert Smith's campy Love lyrics make everyone weak in the knees. They have influenced my own Music so much.

7. Orchid | Tigers
Orchid is a 90s Screamo band. Most people do not understand the meaning of 90s Screamo. It DOES NOT sound like Underoath or whatever bands kids listen to these days. In the 90s, it was an Underground scene with Ambient, Spastic, Crazy, and just Different Sounding Music. It is known for its unique and passionate vocals. Orchid has been known as the band that started the genre. Anyways, this song is beautiful. Orchid is really big into Philosophy and it shows in all their Music, especially this song. Who let the tigers out to kill all the lovers?...

8. Another Green World | Passion
His music is so intensly beautiful with hints of Wild Nothing and My Bloody Valentine. The Warm Authentic 80s sounds are perfectly Lo-Fi. Alec from AGW is one of my dear friends. It's safe to say I am AGW's number one fan. I have learned so much from this dude. I'm very greatful to be his friend and have shared the stage with him. I chose the song Passion from his new album Haunted because it's my favorite. Any person would love it! Honestly, every song from that album could have made my list.

9. The Smiths | Half A Person
Morrissey kills this song. As he does every song. He is God.

10. Nirvana | All Apologies
This is my favorite song of All Time. I know there are at least another billion people in the World that say the same thing, which rules! I'm not gonna go on and on about Kurt and his impact on me, because I'm certain he had that very same impact on every other angsty teenagers life. He is the sole reason I ever picked up an Instrument. Enough said. His Music never gets old. Now 12 years later, I still find myself screaming along to those same 3 albums. I am always taken back by the Aggressive or sometimes Delicate Perfection. This song, along with all other Nirvana songs, are Timeless.