WARMER MIXTAPES #800 | by Tony Mitolo of Adapt Or Die and The Swiss

1. Giorgio Moroder | The Chase
The soundtrack to Midnight Express is amazing and Chase is one of our All Time favourites. The track has so much Momentum with the sequenced Bass and you never get bored with it.

2. Gino Soccio | Dancer 
Gino makes great Disco. The Recording and Production of our Drums is heavily influenced by the Sound he was pulling back in the day, and Dancer is a great example of Punchy Drums that drive the track along.

3. D Train | You’re The One For Me 
Hubert Eaves III is the King of Synth Sounds and Catchy Riffs. This is one of the best D Train tracks. The Synths are Pure Bliss.

4. Herbie Hancock | I Thought It Was You 
When The Swiss started out, the greatest influence for the Keyboard pallet was Herbie Hancock. Herbie got us into the world of Rhodes, Clavinet, Synthesizers and Vocoders. This track was a regular at House Parties for us.

5. Space | Magic Fly
A bunch of French guys playing Synth laden Disco in Space suits… What’s not to Love about that?

6. Carly Simon | Why
This track has some of most amazing Bass Playing on it. Thanks to Chic, of course. The Film Clip is pretty awesome too. A girl running around what looks to be London wreaking havoc on patrons at a café bar in a Disco/nice way.

7. Daft Punk | Indo Silver Club
One of our favs from Homework. Need I say anymore?

8. Pink Floyd | Any Colour You Like
The Synth line Delay in this track is really nice. The way the Dry is quieter than the Wet is great. Lush, Lush, Lush.

9. Metro Area | Miura
We kind of started dancing to DJ’s when this came out. Love the Moog Bassline and “uh-oh uh-oh” vocals. Throw in a String Quartet and your Disco.

10. Le Knight Club | Rhumba