WARMER MIXTAPES #817 | by Matthew Bradley, Ralph Sayers, Luke Barnfather and Carly Humphries of Battle Lines

SIDE A | by Luke Barnfather

1. Placebo | Nancy Boy
When I was seriously getting into Music in my mid-teens, I suppose Placebo were one of my favourite bands. I saw them at Leeds Festival in 2004, and it was the first time they had played this song for years.

2. Boards Of Canada | Heard From Telegraph Lines
BOC have been a massive influence on me for the way I approach creating Guitar Music for Battle Lines. I'm not a very Technically Gifted Guitarist, and to be honest I find the most pleasure in discovering interesting Soundscapes through Effect Units. They are quite important in our Sound. A studio in Leeds called Greenmount, where we have been recording a lot recently, have a lot of Old Tape Delays and Machines that help us do this too (in a very BOC way!).

3. Radiohead | Talk Show Host
Radiohead are my All Time favourite band, and this is the best song I've seen them play Live. It's a Sexy song.

4. Blacklisters | Trickfuck
I Love bands like Liars and The Jesus Lizard, and Leeds band Blacklisters certainly give a nod to that vibe. They're Brilliant.

5. Björk | Declare Independence
There is such a Gritty Punk feel about this song which I Love. Me and Carly went to see Björk at the very first Connect Festival in Scotland, and it was probably the Best Festival Performance I have ever seen, especially this song. It was such a Rave. Unfortunately, Connect Festival doesn't exist anymore, which is a shame as it's one of most Picturesque festivals I have been to.

6. The Horrors | Sea Within A Sea
I've chosen this because it is my favourite song of the past few years. I'm a fan of bands like Neu! and Can, where they have obviously taken a liken to. I Love the haunting Bass and Synth swirls in the first half of the song. The Arpeggiated Synth Climax of the song is one of the Most Uplifting Movements in a piece of Music I have ever heard.

7. I Break Horses | Denial
This song only recently came out, which is why I'm mentioning it as it's my favourite 'new' song at the moment. It is such a great Pop song. Coincidentally, I'm writing a lot of Synth based songs at home which are in a similar vein to this track. So I keep referring back to this band to see if I can pick up any little Techniques or Sounds.

8. Portishead | Machine Gun
One of my favourite bands that I regrettably haven't been able to see Live yet. In my opinion, Third is one of the Greatest and Captivatingly Produced Records I have ever heard. Machine Gun had its Drums Sampled from an Old Casio Keyboard, but they Sound Huge. I'm a massive fan of John Carpenter's Films and Soundtracks, and the finishing ARP 2600 Synth Lines take you right back to those films!

9. Four Tet | Plastic People
I wanted to mention one of my favourite Festival Experiences this year, which was Four Tet at Field Day in London. This was a great little All Day Festival, and this song was a beautiful moment. His Live Setup is Brilliant - he loves to twist and bend little aspects of his song stems together, creating Brilliantly Remixed Versions Every Time he plays Live. He completely reacts to the crowds vibe. A Brilliant Electronic Performer.

10. Toto | Africa
This is my favourite Toto song, and so far I have performed it on Karaoke in three different countries.

SIDE B | by Carly Humphries

1. Amy Winehouse | Cherry
This was a massive inspiration to the way I went about Writing Lyrics. I hate Lyrics being too Obvious and this track deceives you into thinking it's about something else before revealing something quite Innocent. When this album came out this was a Hidden Track and I almost felt like I had stumbled across it.

2. The Knife | Heartbeats
Classic... I just Love everything about this song, think it has such a Compelling Groove.

3. Cold War Kids | Hospital Beds
Love this song as so Simple yet Heart Felt. This whole album feels so Raw and I think this song reflects that Perfectly.

4. Portishead | Roads
This song is so Emotional and Moving I adore every part of it and Beth's voice is so Fragile and Moving it gives me shivers every time I hear it.

5. Fugees | Fu-Gee-La
Maaaan, I wish I could Rap! I Love everything about this album, its Production, the way it flows between each song and Fu-Gee-La in particular features Lauren's lazy approach in such a Lyrically Appeasing way... I just admire them so much, even though they sound nothing like me!

6. Nirvana | Polly
This track really interested me Lyrically in my teens and when reading Kurt's Autobiography and learning his Inspiration when Writing the Song was a news story he read, it helped me Develop my own Style of Writing. I try to tell a Story with my Lyrics and Polly helped me Develop that part of my Writing.

7. Marleena Shaw | Liberation Conversation
I used to sing in a Funk band at Uni and this was one of my favourites - Love good bit of Scat Singing.

8. Metronomy | Everything Goes My Way
I'm a sucker for a Subtle Female Vocal Harmony and this song has just that. Listened to this loads Last Summer and like how it's Simple and builds in each Chorus.

9. Grimes | Oblivion
It's new(ish) and it makes me Dance... Enough said.

10. Kylie Minogue | Slow (Chemical Brothers Mix)
Seen Chemical Brothers a few times now (once in Ibiza and twice at the Warehouse Project in Manchester) and I can't get enough. Could listen to this remix on repeat for days!

SIDE C | by Ralph Sayers

1. The Meters | Ain't No Use
This is on one of my favourite albums, I Love the Simplicity of the Recording, no Overdubs, just some guys in a room with a few mics playing their nuts off!

2. John Martyn | Solid Air
This is just Beautiful, simple as that.

3. Terry Callier | Dancing Girl
Never be afraid of a 9 minute song! This tune has Movements like a Classical Piece that range from Acapellato to bad ass Jazz Funk.

4. The Rolling Stones | Sister Morphine
Just an ace tune, I Love Sticky Fingers, when the Stones were at the top of their game. Some Excellent Slide from Ry Cooder too.

5. Pink Floyd | Echoes
I first watched Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii when I was about 9 or 10 and this is by far the most Stand Out track from the set. It may well be responsible for introducing me to Grooves.

6. Orbital | Halcyon
Think this tune will always have a place close to my heart. Never fails to make me Smile.

7. The Charlatans | Weirdo
Love the Hammond Organ on this, reminds me of being an Irresponsible Teenager!

8. Joe Cocker | Woman To Woman
The first time I heard this I was blown away by the Vocal, he comes in about Two Octaves Higher than I expected. Great Tune.

9. cLOUDDEAD | The Velvet Ant
I don't really get what this song is about or even what it is, but I Love it! Really Bizarre band, but Ace non the less.

10. Daryl Hall & John Oates | She's Gone
Everyone has a guilty pleasure, right?

SIDE D | by Matthew Bradley

1. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
My mum had it on Vinyl when I was younger, but it hadn't really entered my Consciousness. It was used during the Olympic Closing Ceremony (which apart from this was pretty rubbish) and it was one of those, how have I not heard this before moments?

2. Jens Lekman | Your Arms Around Me
I managed to see him last year at an intimate show in Leeds. He didn't play this, but it's OK, he was great anyway. It reminds me of walking around Stockholm last Winter.

3. R.E.M. | Lotus
I first saw R.E.M. on the UP Tour, Michael Stipe was incredible and Mike Mills was wearing a pink sequin suit. I was really young, but had just got into the Drums and Joey Waronker blew my mind. I think this song is Totally Underrated, the Riff is Ace.

4. Radiohead | House Of Cards
Just a Beautiful Song.

5. Wild Beasts | Reach A Bit Further
Lyrically this song is pretty Dark, I love the Drums and the MPC Sampling.
6. The Verve | Life's An Ocean
Early Verve, is where it's at. Urban Hymns era Verve had the hits, but their first two records had that whole Pshychedelica/Shoegaze thing going on. It sounds like the Rhythm Section have been listening to The Meters in this and Nick McCabe's just doing his Abstract Guitar thing over the top. Ace.

7. Steely Dan | Show Biz Kids
I grew up loving the Super Fury Animals, they were my favourite band Live, they'd always finish with this crazy Techno version of The Man Don't Give A Fuck. I eventually heard that the Hook is sampled from this Steely Dan tune... I'm not a huge Steely Dan fan, but this is such a Crazy, Schizophrenic Pop song and I'm always hanging on for when the SFA sampled section drops in the Outro.

8. New Order | TrueFaith-94 (Radio Edit)
I could have picked a whole host of New Order songs. I was obsessed with the Video (men dressed as harlequins - running backwards) when I was younger.

9. Thom Yorke | The Eraser
Confrontational about what was happening at the time (David Kelly, Iraq, Dodgy Dossier etc.) the Glitchy-ness just adds to the sense of Paranoia and Unease.

10. The Invisible | Generational
We all went to see them in Leeds. The Production on this is Dark. They're an amazing Live band.