WARMER MIXTAPES #842 | by Patrick Michael Cutrupi [Biceratops/KUI]

1. The Prodigy | Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)
I guess that this is probably one of the Most Important Songs in my whole Journey as a Producer. It was the first Dubstep Song I Ever Listened To. At first I thought it was Odd, it was so Different to Anything Else I Had Heard. I kept on listening to it and eventually I started moving listening to other Artists who were Charting Pretty High at the time like Cyberoptics and Crissy Criss. So I guess my Love for the whole UK Bass movement stemmed from this song. Sometimes I wonder what I’d be doing today if I hadn’t heard it.

2. Aethek | Vertebrae
Aethek is Billain’s Side Project, Aimed at Pushing the Boundaries of Music, as We Know it. Not many ears have had the enjoyment of listening to this track. Words can’t describe how good it is. It drives Electronic Music to the Complete Edge and no other Artist has attempted something like this. That’s what I like about the track, it explores the Confines of the Music World. I think that is Important because I think it should be Every Artist’s goal to Try What Hasn’t Been Done Before.

3. Joe Ford | Majesty
This is easily one of the Best Tracks on 2013 in my opinion. Crazy Sound Design and Great Production Quality. The whole track just has a Remarkable Ambiance.

4. Mr. Carmack | The Next Afternoon
If you have listened to my tracks, you could tell that Jazz is a big Influence. As a kid, I learnt Piano and Saxophone. Consequently Jazz just became a Genre of Music that I Grew Fond Of. This song is a great Representation of how more Traditional Styles like Jazz can still be integrated into Modern Electronic Music. Mr. Carmack is an Amazing Artist too.

5. Kill Paris | Slap Me
This track is so good. It encompasses everything I like about Music these days. This guy is a Genius, I Love how he incorporates Slap Bass into his songs.

6. Letherette | After Dawn
This track has such a Great Feel to it. I really Love the Vocal Cuts and the Chord Progression suits the style so well.

7. Haywyre | Back And Forth
This is one of my Favourite Tracks at the moment. Everything about it screams Perfection. The Synth Pads fit so well with the Bassline, which is made up of Impeccably Crafted Synths. It has such a Funky feel to it and Haywyre can’t get enough credit for this track.

8. Kill The Noise | Jump Ya Body (feat. Mercedes) (ExMAG Remix)
After coming across the Remix Album of Kill The Noise’s Black Magic, I immediately fell in Love with this. It encompasses everything I Love about the Potential of Modern Electronic Music, and that it uses Real Instruments and Synths Together. It is one Groovy song.

9. Phonat | Machines Do Care
The first thing you notice about this track is that it is Glitchy As Fuck. Then that Filtered Synth comes in and you are blown away. I remember when this track first came out I was hooked on it. It’s Flawless, both in terms of Musicality and Complexity. This guy is a big Inspiration to me.

10. KOAN Sound | Meanwhile, In The Future
KOAN Sound are one of my Biggest Influences on my Music. They are the Pioneers of Glitch Hop. I am in Love with their Signature Raspy, Thick and Grimy Reese Bass that is a Centerpiece of All Their Songs. It’s Amazing how they still make Chilled Out, Jazzed Up Compositions with this Synth that rips through their songs. Meanwhile, In The Future is my favorite song by them. It has that Bright and Jazzy Atmosphere that makes you feel good every time you listen to it. And of course, it features Astounding Synthesis. These guys are a Massive Inspiration to me, and I am sure I am not the only person who says that.