WARMER MIXTAPES #852 | by Clara Prettenhofer [Clara Moto]

1. Talking Heads | Once In A Lifetime
Talking Heads is my Favourite Band EVER. I Love Stop Making Sense, what a Great Record and Tour. One day I saw David Byrne Live in Concert in Graz at a Beautiful Venue on a Hill with just a Few People in the Audience, who together with him created a very Intimate Atmosphere. I will Never Forget this Concert: He was in such a Good Shape, and afterwards he even Stayed to Have a Drink there. Unique. A Good Song to Start With.

2. Stevie Wonder | Superstition
I think Concerts Create Really Good Memories of Music. If you have seen Your Favourite Acts Live, some songs appear in a Completely Different Light. When I have been to the Concert of Stevie Wonder in Berlin it has been such a pleasure to see so much Energy and Talent on Stage. It was really a Positive, Unpretentious and Charming event. Easy Going.

3. The Pharcyde | Runnin'
This is my Favourite Hip Hop Yrack of All Time! I think I can even Rap it! It really reminds me of the mid 90s, when I was a Teenager, listening to all the Hip Hop tracks that are Classics now. My Memories and Images of Those Times are in this 90s Filter/Light, like all these TV sSeries from that time. Though, I don't know if anybody can Relate to that now and knows what I mean.

4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | The Ship Song
To me it is one of the Most Beautiful Love Songs. The Lyrics are so Wonderful, I could die every time I am listening to them. Very Poetic. Sometimes I just Read the Lyrics like a Poem. They Inspire me.

5. Chet Baker | Autumn Leaves (with Ruth Young) (Yves Montand's 'Les Feuilles Mortes' Cover)
Chet Baker's Voice is Full of Sadness and Autumn Leaves is such a Melancholic Song. Jazz always makes me a bit Homesick as we used to listen to it a lot in my Family. My Parents and my Grandfather, who all Play Various Instruments often gather together to play some Jazz. It is always nice to come Home. Lucky.

6. Herbert | It's Only
The Album Came Out when I was Graduating from High School and my friends and I were listening Non Stop to it while Studying for our AA Levels. It brings Memories Back of Easy Times, When Everything Was Still Ahead of Us, and We Were Figuring Out Where We Were Going To. Good Times, Easy Times, however I don't want to be 18 again. Brr.

7. Super Collider | Hide In From The Day
My Favourite Eectronic Project! Saw them the First Time in 2003, and was Completely Blown Away. Always a bit Sad that they are Not Releasing New Stuff Anymore, but this makes their album Head On maybe Even More Special.

8. Depeche Mode | Enjoy The Silence
To me a Perfect Pop Song. I Don't Know Even How Many Times I have Sited it as one of My Favourite Songs. I don't Regret Many Things in Life, just One Thing, that I did not go to their Concert when they played a couple of Years Ago in Graz. I was Living Around the Corner of the Venue, and Because of Unknown Reasons I Did Not Go. I Don't Know What Was Wrong With Me. Anyway, Quite a Luxury Regret.

9. Giacomo Puccini | Madama Butterfly, Act 2: Un Bel Dì (Vedremo) (Performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Soprano: Miriam Gauci, Conductor: Alexander Rahbari)
I am Mostly Alone when it Comes to Liking Operas, especially Italian Operas (Puccini, Verdi, Donizetti, etc.). It is my Little Spleen! REALLY Love Operas, All Kinds. They make me Cry, so Beautiful. Even if it is a bit Much sometimes, Operas are very Emotional to me. I was hesitating to include one of Mozart's Operas here, e.g. I LOVE Don Giovanni, but this Aria (sung by Maria Callas, for example) is so Fantastic, to me, Anyway!

10. Miles Davis | In A Silent Way/It's About That Time
Miles ahead! For a long time Kind Of Blue has been my Favourite Album by Miles Davis, but After a Friend Showed me Panthalassa, I got Completely Drawn Into It. It is a Massive Album, one of those that makes you Exclusively Listening to Them from the Beginning to the End Without Doing Anything Else on the Side.

+11. Janet Jackson | Got 'Til It's Gone
Such a Sexy Track by J Dilla and Janet Jackson. It was on my mp3 Player while I was living in Barcelona (I never changed one track) and when I listen to it it reminds me of Walking Around in this Beautiful City, commuting to my University and all these Special Everyday Life Situations. I can even Smell the City when I listen to the Track.

My imaginary mix ends here and hopefully leaves you in a Deep, Gloomy but Delightful Imaginary Mood.